Interesting and Prophetic Administration Changes

I recently saw an interesting article ranking the last 12 US presidents as friends of Israel. President Bush (and his administration) was ranked 3rd. The point of the article was asking where the Obama administration was going to rank on this list.

President Obama

President Obama

This question really cannot yet be answered with any certainty; however, in my opinion he has set a negative trajectory with his appointment of George Mitchell and in light of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s recent proclamations concerning Jerusalem and the establishment of a Palestinian state. Her words indicate Obama’s trajectory. I’ll talk more about this in later blogs.

What is interesting is that we see counterbalancing shifts in leadership in both the US and Israel.

The trajectory in this country is from conservative to far left liberal and quite possibly from strong to weaker support of Israel. Many believe as do I that Obama will put strong pressure on Israel to give up more land and concessions in his desire to make his mark as a great peacemaker much as other Presidents have attempted in their own ways.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu

Within months of this change in the US administration, we see in Israel the stunning rise of previous Prime Minister and conservative “right” candidate, Benjamin Netanyahu and the Likud Party at the expense of the left leaning and previous administration of Olmert/Livni and the Kadima party. Kadima has been leading the charge on the two state solution and has been prepared to give away not just Gaza but also most of Judea and Samaria for peace. In addition, Olmert has even put the division of Jerusalem on the table. Netanyahu is not willing

Gaza Terrorist

Gaza Terrorist

to do this especially since he maintains (and rightly so) that the Arabs do not want peace and that Israel has no real peace partner. Therefore, any land giveaway is not in Israel’s security interests as illustrated when Israel gave back Gaza. The Arabs rapidly turned Gaza into a terrorist state run by terrorists.

Are Netanyahu’s Hands Being Tied?

Presumed Prime Minister Netanyahu is trying to create a unity government with Kadima for purposes of presenting Israel with a softer

Tzipi Livni

Tzipi Livni

political face to the international public. Livni and Kadima want no part of it unless Netanyahu shares power with Kadima and/or will guarantee Kadima that he will support the two state solution. Whatever Livni is negotiating for behind closed doors Netanyahu is not buying so an alliance is not likely.

This has left Netanyahu with the politically less desirable task of forming a government of far right religious and secular parties that are not favorable to dividing Israel into two states as well. They are also even more opposed to dividing Jerusalem in any way shape or form. The point is that any move by Netanyahu to “waffle” on the issue of Jerusalem or to consider dividing Israel will be met by the far right parties with the threat of leaving the government and therefore bringing down Netanyahu. This would provoke new elections and Netanyahu would be out. No politician wants to be “out of power” and so he will do everything possible to avoid this.

Once his government is formed, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s hands will essentially be tied on the two state solution and dividing Jerusalem.

Prophetically, the way I see it – God has raised up a leader and government in Israel that can and indeed must withstand US and international pressure over dividing Jerusalem and Israel proper  in order to survive.

Orchestrating the Powerful

netanyahu-and-obama1While President Obama seems to be on a collision course with Israel over Jerusalem and the two state solution, Netanyahu is rising to meet the challenge — whether he likes it or not!

Only God can orchestrate world events at such a high level. He simply will not allow the further division of His Holy Land despite Israel’s often willingness to do so.

In the end only God’s purpose and plan will prevail concerning Israel.

Joel Chernoff

-The views contained in The Joel Chernoff Report are not necessarily views held by the MJAA-


7 responses to “Interesting and Prophetic Administration Changes

  1. Excellent post, Joel, you summed up the political situation in Israel nicely. I concur with your thoughts that the current administration is on a negative path when it comes to its dealings with Israel.

    Let’s hope Bibi will not cave and give up yet more of the land.

  2. If Bibi gets labor to join the goverment then Bibi will have room to negoiate. Remember it has been the right leaning goverments of Israel that have signed peace deals with the arabs and the PLO.

    As far as Obama administration is concerned there is a world of difference of what they would like to say and do and what actualy gets done. I would not look for a major change in administration policy toward Israel until after the 2012 election. He still needs the Jewish vote and money to win in 2012.

  3. Personally I don’t trust our new administration when it comes to issues of Israel. I think Hillary’s first visit made a big impression on Israel by showing them they’re gonna get more of the “same thing” from us; more pressure toward a two-state solution, wakeup – that’s not Change… Honestly, where ever that border draws out, it will become the new “war-zone.” We need to pray it stays outside of Israel’s borders, not within her gates.

  4. Lawrence Kaufman

    The US Democrat Party is fast becoming anti-semitic. Some of the worst anti-semites are secular Jews themselves. I am confident of God’s judgement upon Barak Obama and his advisors for the coming hostility to Israel and to true Christians.

    Fortunately God has everything under control. This is His battle to win. We are God’s cheerleaders. Celebrate His coming victory and enjoy life in our Messiah. God has everything under control and I celebrate that!

  5. Amen to that Mr. Kaufman. I’ve been wondering, why is it that there are many Jews on the Democratic side when it seems that it is the Republicans that seem to be more supportive of Israel? Many decisions are in the works by Obama administration that is an outrage to many Christians or should be to any person of faith. Especially in the areas of abortion and stem cell research, freedoms of speech and religion, socializing everything, creating a “civilian” army manditory who can’t speak against the government, releasing terrorists involved in attacks …….very radical stuff and very alarming. Please pray for the U.S.

  6. Lawrence and Nina,I love both your comments! You HIT the constant source of my frustration with this Jewish “falling away”.
    Some personal”secular” Jewish friends of mine are “ranting and raving”– “left wingers” who says they have their hope in the President. My response was to them was, “What about the Torah? You stand against the Torah?
    Unfortunately, I believe the wealthy Jewish “left wingers” have REALLY forgotten WHO they are! They’ve been tragically caught up with idols and in the deceptive pagan pride trap, that Adonai seriously warned Israel about in Deuteronomy 8:18-19—“Don’t lift up your hearts in pride, and forget it is Adonai that gives you the power to get wealth BECAUSE of the promise He made to your ancestors….” [paraphrased]

    Mazel Tov Joel on a much needed and politically informative report– to the Body of Messiah and the world!

  7. I hope with all of our criticism of our leaders we take time to follow God’s word and pray for our leaders.

    If we are to be God vessels here on the earth we must not only scrutinize the policies and positions of our leaders, holding them accountible when necesary, but we are to pray for those leaders.

    We must not succumb to the easy road of viewing leaders who don’t agree with us as our enemies. We must petition God for His love, His guidance and His solutions to the dilemas this country and Israel faces today.

    If not for God’s unmerited mercy, through the Messiah, we would still be lost. Let us spend time asking God to open the eyes and hearts of our leaders so that they will seek God and support His plan for Israel.

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