Poverty Not Terrorism #1

Serving lunch to the poor in Tel-Aviv

Serving lunch to the poor of Tel-Aviv

Over the last few years poverty has been the number one domestic political issue in Israel…not terrorism. With 33% of children and 25% of adults living below the poverty line of $314 per month you can understand the explosive nature of this problem and why it is the number one issue politicians must address if they expect to be elected.

At the same time, over the last few years Israel’s economy has been experiencing 4% annual growth while much of the industrialized world economy has been shrinking. This is very good in anybody’s book. However, that has now changed.

Recession Comes in Like a Bear!

The worldwide financial crisis has finally caught up with Israel. According to an article in the LA Times, economists are predicting that the Israeli economy will shrink 1.5% this year as well as “an 11% decrease in Israeli exports which account for half the value of everything the country produces.”  Even with a growing economy Israel could not take care of its poor, fight the war with terrorists and absorb new immigrants.

Skeletal remains of an Israeli bus
War-torn Israeli bus/an Israeli youth overwhelmed

Unemployment is sure to rise along with the numbers of people living their lives below the poverty line of $314 per month. Indeed some estimates say that 50% of the countries populace could slide under the poverty line.

“Pressures Boil Over!” ~ L.A. TIMES

This was the title of a recent article I read in the L.A. Times. What was startling about the article was their description of the seeming breakdown of law and order in Israel. Apparently, businesses are closing and leaving workers and creditors in the lurch. This has triggered the shameless looting of these businesses by those left holding the bag. Israel has been very embarrassed by this and is bemoaning the loss of shame among its citizens.

Right Time – Right Place

Why am I pointing this out? Since 1999, at the behest of God’s leading, the MJAA has developed the infrastructure outside and inside Israel to meet the growing humanitarian crisis. That effort is called the Joseph Project.  Since 2000, over $85 million in aid has been delivered and distributed in Israel.

The "Spirit of Grace" chartered for Israel carries humanitarian aid thanks to the Joseph Project partner, FriendShips

The "Spirit of Grace," chartered for Israel, carries humanitarian aid thanks to one of the Joseph Project partners, FriendShips

I am amazed that as things get worse in Israel, God has already raised up this partnership of Jew and Gentile through the MJAA to bring deliverance in the form of increasing amounts of humanitarian aid to Israel for the glory of God.

$100 million

Preparing product for distribution from warehouse

Preparing product for distribution from warehouse

Yes…that is the amount of aid the MJAA, through its Joseph Project, is seeking to move into Israel in the near future. Right now, we are currently negotiating in southern Israel near the border with Gaza to open up a regional distribution center capable of handling up to $10 million worth of aid at one time. This is in addition to our main center in Nitzenei Oz which holds at least that much.

What God has put in our heart is to increase our warehouse capability to 100,000 square feet so that we can hold the $100 million dollars in aid. We are working hard to accomplish this.

Please keep us in your prayers…

 That the resources will become available to rent, buy or build the additional warehousing needed to house this desperately needed aid for the growing poor of Israel.

Looking back over the last 14 years…

I am amazed to observe how God saw this humanitarian crisis in Israel many years in advance and positioned the Messianic community in partnership with many Christians around the world through the Joseph Project, to be in the right place at the right time to bring deliverance to Israel for Messiah’s glory.

The lesson for me?

God is always many steps ahead of our problems even if we cannot see the answer coming. The answer or deliverance is on its way! Who knows…deliverance may show up tomorrow!

Joel Chernoff

 ~The views contained in The Joel Chernoff Report are not necessarily views held by the MJAA~


2 responses to “Poverty Not Terrorism #1

  1. Christopher Hernandez

    “The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me'” (Matthew 25:40). May God bless the Joseph Project.

  2. Isaiah 49: 10
    “They will neither hunger nor thirst, nor will the desert heat or the sun beat upon them. He who has compassion on them will guide them and lead them beside springs of water”.
    We are His people , God has place compassion in our hearts; we are His, as long as our Lord lives He will provide, He will show His Arm; His strong arm and we will all eat of the good of His Mighty Hand . Yeshua is coming back… let us be always ready working constantly with Faith.

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