Prophetic Lessons From Passover: Lesson #1

Photo by Travis Spradling

Passover Symbolic Foods

Shalom and Happy Passover,

There are many wonderful and practical lessons to be learned from the Biblical feast of Passover. The Passover is one of the three national feasts of Israel that were commanded by God that Israel as a nation commemorate annually, and they are; Passover, Shavuot (the feast of weeks also know in the Christian world as Pentecost) and Succot (the feast of tabernacles). Each of these feasts also have a powerful prophetic Messianic fulfillment.

Over the next seven days of Passover I will share with you some of the lessons and insights about Passover that I feel might be helpful to you.

Lesson #1:

The Passover, which was the national commemoration of God’s great and supernatural deliverance of Israel from Egypt (Exodus 7-13), foreshadowed the Messiah’s first coming, His death and resurrection.

In traditional rabbinic writings…

…what Messianic Jews would refer to as the Messiah’s first coming and suffering for the sin of man is called the Messiah Ben Joseph or the Suffering Messiah. Rabbis throughout the centuries refer to what we believe is the Messiah’s second coming to reign as ruler of the world and king of the Jews as the Messiah Ben David, i.e. the Messiah Son of David. Despite the fact that most modern rabbis in traditional Judaism would deny or avoid admitting that the rabbis recognized two distinct messianic advents…it is a fact of history and can be easily established from rabbinic writings.

Prophetic Foreshadow

Moses & Pharaoh

Pharaoh & Moses

What makes the Passover a prophetic foreshadow of the Messiah Yeshua’s coming and sacrifice for sins is contained in the account of the final plague God sent on Egypt. Because Pharaoh hardened his heart and would not let Israel leave Egypt as God called for, God visited the plague of death to all of

The Blood of the Lamb

The Blood of the Lamb

 the firstborn of both animal and man in Egypt. In order for Israel to avoid the angel of death’s visit to their households God told the Israelites to sacrifice and eat a lamb. More importantly He commanded them to take some of the lamb’s blood and put it on the doorpost of each household. As the angel of death passed over their houses and noted the blood on their lintels they would be spared…and they were.

Messianic Fulfillment

In the same way, we avoid the eternal death for our sins that we richly deserve when God sees the blood of the Suffering Messiah, Yeshua, on the doorposts of our hearts. This is exactly what happens when each of us obeys God and accepts what God so sacrificially provided through His Son the Messiah’s death and eternal atonement. God’s eternal judgment is averted and for those who have accepted His atonement the debt of their sins is covered for eternity.

Mercy was extended to all of those households under the blood of the sacrificed lamb of old and mercy is extended to all of those who dwell under the eternal blood of the Messiah Ben Joseph, Yeshua (Jesus).

Joel Chernoff

~The views contained in The Joel Chernoff Report are not necessarily views held by the MJAA~


5 responses to “Prophetic Lessons From Passover: Lesson #1

  1. Christopher Hernandez

    Thank you for this succinct and informative blog concerning Passover. I am in Christ as a gentile, and I have been for 6 years now. I long to see the Jew and the Gentile as One in Christ, and I hope to contribute to the unity, rather than contribute to the division. A time of remembering Passover with the Jewish people, and the Gentiles, is what I am longing for this season as well. Blessings and encouragement for all who are in Messiah.

  2. Happy Passover!
    May your classic song – and one of my ALL time favorites –“The Sacrifice Lamb” ring out in these prophetic and messianic times like never before!

    Your teaching series concerning Passover, joyfully affirms the MESSIANIC fullfilment in the reality and provision of God’s Power,[Romans1:16] and by having faith in the cleansing power of the shed Blood of the Lamb.[Col 1:20] Your Passover teaching brings the powerful reminder that we can now boldly declare the Blood of the Lamb for protection over Israel, the Kingdom of God, the Nations, and OUR lives. We can spiritually overcome the “death angel” in any circumstance that comes against us and our loved ones! [Rev 12:11]


  3. Dear Joel,
    Thank you for the encouraging word about patiently waiting for G-d’s deliverance. I feel very fortunate to be a very small part of what you and the MJAA are doing in Israel, to bring comfort to her people. Happy Passover and ‘Next Year in Jerusalem’.

  4. Shalom!
    I just dropped by to check out your site…I saw that you were blogging via your lovely daughter’s blog…I’ll be back for some more encouraging words!

    shalom aleichem!

  5. Stephen, Portharcourt - Nigeria

    It’s interesting to have such a brief and biblical message on the focrum of our faith. I really appreciate it, because a misunderstanding of the passover in the “shadow” will definitely blur the understanding of the “reality”. This is surely a help and liberation for many. I love you.

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