Deliverance Has It’s Own Timing: Lesson #2, Part 1

Part 1:

We all have needs and pray to God for Him to deliver us from various crisis like a bad job, sickness, financial difficulty etc. Israel’s great supernatural Passover deliverance from enslavement and oppression in Egypt taught me something very valuable.

Lesson: My deliverance or answer to prayer, in some cases, may be much more complicated than I originally thought and may involve a series of behind the scenes maneuvers by God in order for that deliverance to arrive on my doorstep. Therefore…keep praying and try to be patient!

Israel’s Passover deliverance from Egyptian oppression is a great example.

Israel’s deliverance involved not just them but also Egypt with all of its political and economic complexities as well as the people and land of Canaan (the Promised Land) which was where Israel was going once they left Egypt. 

Traditional Route of the Exodus

Traditional Route of the Exodus

 Check this out… 

At first they were treated with great favor because of Jacob’s son Joseph who helped the Pharaoh of his time to deliver the whole nation from famine and disaster. Subsequent Pharaohs, however, failed to appreciate this and gradually the Jewish people were looked upon as a vast non-Egyptian populace to be exploited for economic gain. The Jewish people became the slaves (forced workers) that drove the economy of Egypt. This is similar in many ways to the experience of African slavery in US history.

Mighty Egypt Humbled! 

The Great Pyramids of Egypt

The Great Pyramids of Egypt

By the time Moses approached Pharaoh with the demand to let Israel go, Egypt had become the most powerful empire on the planet. The Egyptians also had an elaborate system of idol worship complete with a pantheon of false gods. In order for the Jewish people to be delivered from Egyptian oppression God would first have to humble and yes humiliate mighty Egypt and in particular their proud King–Pharaoh. This He did through a series of plagues that increasingly exacted such a toll on Pharaoh and his country that he eventually was compelled to let Israel leave Egypt.

The cost benefit to holding on to this vast economic labor pool of 2 million plus people called the nation of Israel was just too high.

Passover Lesson Revisited

I’m really preaching to myself when I reiterate that our much sought after and prayed for deliverance may involve God moving some big things around in our lives and the lives of others that we are almost certainly not aware of.

Although deliverance can seem to be instantaneous, in most cases it involves a preparation process just as God prepared Pharaoh to let Israel go.

Tomorrow I’ll share more about this as we explore the people and land of Canaan and how Israel’s deliverance could not have happened before it actually did.

Joel Chernoff

~The views contained in The Joel Chernoff Report are not necessarily views held by the MJAA~


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