Becoming Clearer – Obama on Collision Course with Israel

George Mitchell

George Mitchell

George Mitchell, President Obama’s specially appointed Middle East envoy, yesterday confirmed what I have previously alluded to… i.e. that the Obama administration is going to go well beyond President Bush in trying to set up a Palestinian state…regardless of what it may cost Israel in security.

It is slowly becoming evident that this US administration is on a collision course with the new Israeli government.

Listen to the chilling words of Obama’s representative George Mitchell

“[the] two-state solution is the only solution [to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.] This conflict has gone on for far too long, and the people of this region should no longer have to wait for the just peace that guarantees security for all.”

As reported by the Jerusalem Post, PM Netanyahu’s office expressed concern that if a Palestinian state is set up, Hamas could take over the West Bank, as it overran Gaza in 2007. The experience of Israel withdrawing from territory, only to have it controlled by Palestinian extremists “is not going to be repeated”.

After the Gaza fiasco…I am amazed that Mitchell or President Obama can promote the two-state solution with a straight face.

Although President Bush was the first ever President to openly advocate a two-state solution, he set up several caveats that were critical to Israel’s preservation and consequently made the deal impossible given the current



mind set of the Arab nations around Israel.

Caveats like: All terror attacks must cease, the Arab nations must recognize Israel’s right to exist etc. These were and are today conditions that our Arab cousins will not give to Israel…so they ended up being deal killers.

The truth

they simply don’t want peace. They want complete and utter victory. They want the total destruction of the Jewish state.

Mitchell, so far has excluded mentioning any of these critical conditions for peace with Israel. Without them the two-state solution is a non-starter for Israel.

You know what? I believe that if the Arab states would grant these caveats Israel would probably give them almost all of what they ask for.

However, everyone in Israel knows the ugly truth — it takes two to make peace and Israel has no peace partner.

Doomed to Failure

As I have previously asserted, any two state solution will find its way to the “scrap heap” of good or bad ideas because it moves against God’s prophetic agenda to re-gather Israel from the four corners of the globe, and restore her spiritually in preparation for the Messiah’s return.


Lastly and Prophetically…

God's Promised Borders

God's Promised Borders

If God’s word is true, the boundaries of Israel will have to expand to hold the millions more of our Jewish people that are destined and called to return to their God given homeland.

 “He that has ears to hear…”

Joel Chernoff



~The views contained in The Joel Chernoff Report are not necessarily views held by the MJAA~


6 responses to “Becoming Clearer – Obama on Collision Course with Israel

  1. Christopher Hernandez

    America needs Israel. Israel does not need America.

  2. Dear Joel,
    Well said! And let me add this:
    In June 1967, there were no “occupied territories” for the Arabs to attack Israel over. But they were about to attack in order to gain land occupied by Jews — land they had no intention of ever giving back. They intended to change the geography of Western Palestine permanently. Why, then, are they demanding that Israel give up land it seized in a war of self-defense? The Arabs wanted a permanent boundry change and got it. “Ma salama!”

  3. Joel, you said,

    “I am amazed that Mitchell or President Obama can promote the two-state solution with a straight face.”

    You nailed it with that one. What will it take for the western world to see this land-for-peace won’t work? And why do folks think creating a hostile state smack-dab-in-the-middle of its sworn enemy will result in peace?

    I don’t know how to rightly address such lunacy.

    Things are going to get ugly if Netanyahu refuses to budge in face of the international pressure.

  4. They dont see that it wont work cos they dont understand the real problem in the middle east. They dont understand its not abt the land, its abt the race and religion. They dont understand that Arabs wants a total destruction of Israel and every Jew wipe off the earth and not the land.
    If US continue to go against the will of God and defy God’s wish to let Israel have the whole promised land, US will come undone. Anybody who go against the will of God will come undone.

    India make a HUGE mistake of letting pakistan go independent. Now not only more indian died and Pakistan has nuclear weapon. India and the rest of the world is paying a high price for this mistake. Israel is not as big as india, we cannot afford to make that mistake.

  5. I agree with everything you said; but, I feel it easy to be bold zionists in our comfortable homes in the U.S. We obviously need to do more to support our brothers and sisters in Israel by being a visible and vocal supporters of Israel.

  6. This administration, doesn’t care if Israel has the palestinians, right at their back door!!! Obama , Clinton, or Mitchell knows ,that, it’s risky ,for Israel to agree with this, (2-state solution) but , as long as it doesn’t affect they’re political position – they don’t care! This problem with the Palestinians, why don’t the hugh muslim countrys absorb theirown, like Israel absorbs their own refuges!!! One of these days Israel, will recieve the land ,G-D has promised them,through covanant !!!

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