Here We Go Again!

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

The news media reported today that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “warned” Israel that if they don’t support peace negotiations with the Palestinians they risk losing Arab support for combating Iranian threats against Israel.

First of all, I was not aware that the Arab nations were supporting Israel in any way. In any case this is another warning to Israel from the Obama administration. Apparently the Obama administration believes that there is a good possibility that the Netanyahu government will NOT support the peace process in its current form. This is not what Secretary of State Clinton nor President Obama want to hear.

SS Clinton says that she is reserving judgment until her meeting with PM Netanyahu in Washington in May. Though she is reserving judgment she and the Obama administration are letting PM Netanyahu know well in advance what they expect Israel to do.

This is becoming very interesting…

I feel like saying to SS Clinton that I (General Secretary of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America) am reserving judgment on her until I see how she handles herself with the Israeli PM. That’ll teach her!

The Party Line

Obama & Hillary

Obama & Hillary

There is no doubt that whatever she has to say to PM Netanyahu will be exactly what President Obama wants her to convey. She will not sway from the party line.

What is clear is that they are heavily invested in the futile and dangerous two state solution and don’t really want to hear or entertain any other scenarios. They simply have a different agenda than Israel (whose main agenda is to survive and not put themselves at senseless risk) and want Israel to play along at whatever the cost.

We’ll watch together. The future of our country rests on how we treat Israel. (Gen. 12:3)

Joel Chernoff

~The views contained in The Joel Chernoff Report are not necessarily views held by the MJAA~


2 responses to “Here We Go Again!

  1. At one point in time, I hoped for a United Israel-Palestine state which I called “Paleo-Israel.” I had hoped that the two ideologies could find peace by accenting their common ancestry, and heritage as children of Abraham. However, I know that when the conversion and domination takes a violent and deadly turn for the domination rather than tolerance of any other people, and or culture; there must be other options. Of course, diplomacy is always preferred over conflict. Yet when all diplomatic efforts fail, then what other recourse is there? I know that G-D himself in Yahshua will fight to save Israel. Yet as we merge Judaism and Christianity as “Messianic” there is new hope that Jerusalem may one day be the beacon of Peace for the world. Perhaps the United Nations could move its headquarters to Jerusalem; and then the violent behavior may subside. Shalom be unto us here in the USA, in Israel, and around the World.

  2. Shalom Joel:

    You nailed this one.

    Toda raba for the blog. It’s nice to read common sense for a change.

    Most of these religeous/political blogs are so far left and off point they are rediculous.

    Ivdu et HaShem bi’simcha,

    Sofer Elam

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