Do I Hear the Voice of Truth in Zion?

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman

What a breath of fresh air! Finally…a clear voice for truth on behalf of Israel. My respect for the new government of Israel is growing every day. While the people of Israel know the newly appointed Israeli Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, most of us outside of Israel don’t know much about him.

What I do know is that the world community sees him more as an ultra-nationalist and extreme anti-Arab right winger. However, I was quite amazed at today’s news report on his recent interview with the Jerusalem Post.

I think I am becoming a new fan of FM Lieberman

While  SS Hilary Clinton from the Obama administration is busy warning Israel about this and that and telling Israel what they need to do to be successful in Obama’s new world, Lieberman is sending a marvelously clear and sensible counter message to President Obama and the international community…one I don’t believe they will like.

Here is a simple digest of a few of the truthful, clear and politically incorrect statements he has recently made.

Driving the International Secular/Liberal Elite Crazy

  • “The international community has to stop speaking in slogans if it really wants to help the new Israeli government work towards a solution to the Palestinian conflict and help bring stability to the Middle East. Slogans like land for peace and two-state solution are both over-simplistic and ignore the root causes of the ongoing conflict.”
  • This one I really love. It shows me he understands the true nature of the Middle East conflict: “The real reason for the deadlock with the Palestinians is not occupation, not settlements and not settlers. This conflict is really a very deep conflict…Today it’s more a religious conflict.”
  • The path forward lays in insuring security for Israel, an improved economy for the Palestinians and stability for both.
  • Concerning the right of return of Palestinian refugees from earlier wars…”It cannot be on the table. I’m not ready to even discuss the right of return of even one refugee.”
  • Though he made clear that a precondition for progress in the peace process is not based on Palestinian recognition of Israel he does state, “But somebody who really wants a solution, somebody who really desires a real peace and a real agreement, must realize that this would be impossible to achieve without recognizing Israel as a Jewish state.”

That’s right Mr. Lieberman…

islam …the bottom line is that this conflict is religious or spiritual at its root. It’s a confrontation between the God of Israel and the God of Islam. That’s why the conflict has zero chance of being resolved by political means.

Lieberman is nicely but clearly suggesting to the world that they have it all wrong because they do not know or care what the true basis of the conflict is.

Though Lieberman seems to understand the religious nature of the conflict…

… I wonder whether he, himself, understands that the resolution is rooted in a fundamental spiritual change within Israel’s Moslem Arab neighbors.

In any case Lieberman indicates that the new Israeli government will complete its own foreign policy review over the next two weeks and then make it public when President Obama and PM Netanyahu meets in Washington May 18.

Netanyahu & Obama

Netanyahu & Obama

Let us pray that our President does not pressure Israel to do things that can only hurt her security and that PM Netanyahu along with FM Lieberman have the fortitude to stand up to the most powerful man and country on planet earth.

Joel Chernoff

~The views contained in The Joel Chernoff Report are not necessarily views held by the MJAA~


4 responses to “Do I Hear the Voice of Truth in Zion?

  1. Shalom!
    Joel, this report should leave your readers on the edge of their seat!
    Indeed, the world has marked it’s calendar concerning this May 18th Obama- Lieberman meeting in Washngton D.C.

    Sabras, Messianic Jewish believers, Christians and all friends of Israel, are we confidently anticipating the answer from our prayers and action– on Israel’s behalf? Believe for her to reap a FULL harvest of Restoration and significant Support from the U.S.and other Nations. We must. God’s Plan and purposes are unfolding, and this is challenging us to have increasing faith in His Wisdom and Power.

    Considering Lieberman’s true / “spiritual” view” of Israel’s problem with her adversaries, I’m inclined to think that throughout this pivitol and edgy political process of Israeli-U.S.relations, that the God of Israel will favor and work with, and through Lieberman’s [uncompromising ?] “pro- Israel / Zionist” leanings as God and Liberman deals with the international community of the Nations.

    I believe Lieberman’s view is like the “scarlet thread” being being put out of Israel’s window to show chutzpah towards her adversaries. Liberman’s view may not be treated or even strongly regarded as a “side bar” issue. His stand means the weaving the “scarlet thread” throughout the fabric of Israel’s foreign policy— concerning her right to exist and to defend herself.
    Amidst the tension that will arise out of this stance, subsequently, we [believers and friends of Israel] are then challenged to increase our confidence to hear the Lion of Judah roar! on Israel’s behalf!

    We will be kept secure in His favor.[Psalm 122:6]

    Ironically, the date May 18th, years ago brought an eternal change and signifigant transformation in one life– namely mine.I recieved Yeshua and have been in Him ever since.
    Pray that this May 18th in 2009 becomes a ‘simcha’ for many!


  2. David Joseph

    Joel – Thank you again. This is is very good. I read JP daily and have th0ught very similar things about FM Lieberman. Too many things were said in the process of him getting into office to poison his well. Yet I feel he very much is in his Ester time. Baruch HaShem for a person in place to stand on the right foundation to fight back against the tide. Shalom

  3. The Palestinian rhetoric and stance concerning Israel has confused and deceived many within the “Christian community”. Thank-you Joel for your clear, concise and convincing commentary on these issues.

  4. Dear Joel,

    I really appreciate your blog on the Middle East. I am not getting information like this from the media. Keep up seeking the truth.
    your brother in Yeshua,

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