Disturbing: Obama Seeks to Weaken Israel’s Nuclear Deterrent

In a recent article in the Philadelphia Bulletin by Middle East Correspondent, David Bedein, I read two things that greatly disturbed me.

  1. President Obama is the first President in 50 years to publically pressure Israel to diminish or eliminate their undisclosed nuclear arsenal and sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).
  2. The last President to do so was Former President John F. Kennedy(JFK). Unbeknownst to me JFK apparently greatly pressured then Prime Minister David Ben Gurion to NOT develop a nuclear deterrent. This was a shocking revelation.

The Official Position

Rose Gottemoeller

Rose Gottemoeller

Assistant Secretary of State, Rose Gottemoeller, said the following,

Universal adherence to the NPT itself, including India, Israel, Pakistan and North Korea (countries that are not members of the treaty despite being considered to have nuclear capabilities) remains a fundamental objective of the United States.

Amazingly, Gottemoeller omits Iran from this list.

Gottemoeller, when questioned further, declined to answer the question as to whether the US was willing to “initiate measures” to pressure Israel to comply.

Her silence was ominous.

Alan Baker

Alan Baker

Israel’s response was surprise and worry. Alan Baker, former senior Israel Foreign Ministry legal advisor responded;

I don’t think the Americans have said such a thing in the past…The Americans know what our position is, and as long as we are under a threat from neighboring countries, both in the immediate circle and in the external circle, we cannot be expected to assume commitments that will place us at a disadvantage.

Well said. There is a reason why, for the last 50 years, US presidents have never said such a thing. They recognized Israel’s (their allies) fragile situation with just a few million Jews living in close proximity to 250 million Arab Muslims who were and are avowedly seeking Israel’s destruction.

He Doesn’t Get It…or Does He?

But somehow President Obama doesn’t understand what was obvious to so many other Presidents and is seeking either intentionally or unintentionally to weaken Israel’s position in the Middle East. Perhaps he is asking Israel to trust the US to protect them as the US has done with South Korea.

Would you trust this President? Does his track record so far warrant such trust? In my view the answer is an obvious – no!

Lastly and shockingly…

Former President John F. Kennedy

Former President John F. Kennedy

I was completely unaware that JFK had so strongly insisted that the fledgling country of Israel NOT pursue a nuclear option despite Ben Gurion’s protestations.

Soon after — his presidency was cut short.

Until this very moment I had no idea he had taken such a negative position concerning Israel’s need to deter the Arab nations around her despite the fact that the US maintained such a deterrent with Russia during the Cold War.

Another Example of a President “Running Amok” of God’s Prophetic Agenda


President George Bush Senior

President George Bush Senior

President George Bush Senior also took a very negative posture towards Israel after the first Gulf War. He had 90% approval ratings. He should have easily won the next election over Bill Clinton. However, the opposite happened. He was gone within two years in a huge upset.

The point being that God’s prophetic agenda always takes precedence over man’s agenda. If President Obama continues to take antagonistic and negative positions against Israel and her security…God will judge and perhaps America will suffer along the way (Gen 12:3). I hope not.

Our concern is to pray for our leaders and nation that Obama not find himself on the wrong side of God’s prophetic agenda and we all suffer for it.

Time will tell.

Joel Chernoff

~The views contained in The Joel Chernoff Report are not necessarily views held by the MJAA~


28 responses to “Disturbing: Obama Seeks to Weaken Israel’s Nuclear Deterrent

  1. For prophecy students we know that America is not found in the Bible in the last days. Hmmm, wonder if this will be why? Wonder if she gets taken out due to not supporting Israel anymore. What a sobering thought. If my people who are called by My Name will humble themselves and pray, then I will heal their land. L-rd I pray you have mercy on America. Obama knock off your nonsense….your arm is TOO short to box with God!!!!

  2. Jenny Chandler

    It continues to astound me the arrogance of this U.S. administration who impose their idea of what is best for everyone. Imagine any other nation in the world who is surrounded by enemies bent on their destruction asked to disarm! Thank God He is who He says He is… the God of Israel who doesn’t take lightly those who do her harm!!

  3. thank you Joel for this story. I can only agree with you, and with the 1str comment–CATHERINE. Obama is not going to prevail against God’s agenda. I also have a sneaking suspicion that Obama is a puppet, a patsy of sorts, of the Big Bankers (IMF), and he only ‘thinks’ that he is messiah… he will wash up. I pray for America as we pay for electing this ungodly man to office. We asked for a king…(generally speaking, of course, I voted against him).

  4. Joel,

    Great name for end-time interpretations! The Obama administration is weakening America by asking Israel to lay down its arms. It is so interesting to watch this administration do what it thinks is beneficial to the world, while not even knowing what the ramifications for our country really are. I find it interesting that at this same moment in history Israel is becoming more friendly to Messianic Jews, thus giving them a place of refuge from the storm that will hit America! I talked to a Messianic Jewess in Israel yesterday, and she feels safer in Israel than she thinks we should feel in the US., and I tend to agree.
    Watching this unfold is a bit like watching the hand writing on the wall, “meneh, meneh, tekel ufarsin”…

  5. Shalom

    Almost 3 years ago G_d placed in my heart a heavy burden to pray for Israel everyday. To pray for peace for the Jewish people wherever they are in the world, for protection against the attack of the evil one and his servants. Today more than ever we need to pray for Israel, the true Bible believing Christians need to stand up and support Israel no matter the consequences. Jeshua didn’t promisse us a bed of roses but a crown of thorns if we followed Him. We must accept this crown and with joy pray for Israel and the Jewish people. We are so close to the arrival of our Messiah, our King. It is interesting that God appointed Netanyahu as president of Israel. he is a general with knowledge, wisdom and courage. Exactly what israel needs for the times of the rise of the antichrist. Please join me in prayer for Israel, pray that G_d will transform the hearts of stone into hearts of flesh, that He will remove the blindness from the eyes of His people so they can see the truth; because the truth shall set them free.


    Shaalu Shalom Jerusalem, Shaalu Shalom Yisrael

  6. Catherine, I think you are right……..if the USA turns her back on Israel, we’re in trouble! The Scriptures are VERY CLEAR on this matter. I don’t think Obama reads his history. If he did, he’d KNOW that peace talks with Israel’s enemies have NEVER worked, it will never work. Or maybe he does know……
    Me thinks we’re in big trouble! But, God is GOD, He is in control. We will reap what we have sown……

  7. Daniel Joseph

    PRAY &
    Who art thou, that thou shouldest be afraid of a man that shall die, and the son of man which shall be made as grass…and hast feared continually evry day because of the fury of the oppressor.
    I ‘sneaked’ a peak at the end of the Word..HE {AND WE} HAVE ALREADY WON.
    Barcukh HaShem Adonai

  8. I wonder if the sitting President of these United States lived in New Jersey and all the neighboring states had gone on record as hating NJ and were armed to the teeth…would he, I wonder, lie down to be anihilated? I strongly doubt it. What an exceedingly slippery slope both our beloved countries are living under. Keep up the great work, Joel!

  9. Shalom!

    Joel, your post today gives us the Word of the Lord:. WATCH and PRAY

    Like or not suddenly we as messianic believers and those called “For Zion’s Sake” are finding ourselves REALLY on the edge! No turning back.
    Everything that is hidden will come to the Light.
    The “revelations” of the past Presidents’ JFK and Bush sr. vs Israel maintaining her right to have national security, sadly continues to follow suit with Obamah. The Lord puts one up and one down, therefore the JFK and BUSH sr. past outcomes, may take a similar turn of unexpectant events for this US President who takes a prideful stance and view vs Israel.Could there be an unexpected “impeachment” in the offing….?
    King Saul is a great example of being “impeached” by God, when Saul exalting his mind over the Word of the Lord concerning the Amalakites.His kingdom completly torn from him.
    Have we ever seen the picture of God working so crystal clear in such an accellerated pace on behalf of ISRAEL like we are seeing in the last few months?
    Our God is on schedule– full speed ahead Israel is destined for a Revival in the Land like we’ve never witnessed.
    This is the day to Hold Fast to our confidence in Him!
    Everyone, Have a blessed Shabbat!


  10. When I was young I never let my thoughts be known but today my thoughts are as welcomed by America as a plague. Today Ha-shem is raising up a people who are not only the Sons and Daughters of Ya’akov proper but the G-d fearer who loves Ha-shem and Israel His people. These, who like the heroes of old, are willing to say whether or not our G-d delivers us or not, we will not bow down to Obama nor his government. These who are going to be pushed to the veryverge of extenction will see once more the mighty arm of the Lord as did those of the first exodus. Our responcibility is to pray for the peace of Jerusalem for when we pray for her from our hearts we are praying for the Prince of Peace Lord Yeshua to come. Then it will be truly said “Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord.”

  11. The world can say and do what ever they think they can get away with, the facts are this — G-d has His plans laid out already for Israel and the church.

  12. The G-D that fights for Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers!!!! I would rather have G-D on my side,than America,or any other country!!! WHAT A PROMISE!!!
    I pray every day for the ,PEACE of JERUSALEM, that G-D will guide Israel’s leaders-and the decisions they make will be lead by G-D!!!

  13. Joel, While this is greatly disturbing–it is not surprising because Barak Hussein Obama was born a muslim, was trained as a muslim, and has returned to that religion after a long time of hiding in a pseudo-Christian Church. He recently traveled to Saudi Arabia and bowed to the Saudi King like he was one of his subjects=–the homeland of Islam.

    Could the Saudis have told him about the dangers to the muslim world of the Israeli nuclear force–they can’t conquer Israel as long as Israel could use its nuclear force to vaporize all muslim countries.

    Soon, after that visit Obama called for an end of all nuclear weapons–that is living in fantasyland unless he meant getting rid of the Israeli nuclear force.

    President Obama’s actions and statements are getting the US closer to receiving the punishment of the down side of the Abrahamic Covenant and the results of that can be more disturbing than his actions because the forces opposing Israel could use the disruption to impose greater governmental control on this country limiting our few precioious freedoms–especially freedom of speech.

    Keep up the good work on behalf of Israel and our Messianic brethren.

  14. “The point being that God’s prophetic agenda always takes precedence over man’s agenda. If President Obama continues to take antagonistic and negative positions against Israel and her security…God will judge and perhaps America will suffer along the way (Gen 12:3). I hope not.”

    For seven days in a row, August 16th-22nd, 2005, televisions in America filled with images of thousands of Israelis being forcefully uprooted and expelled from their own homes and land in Gaza and northern Samaria. In part because of Ariel Sharon’s betrayal of his Likud Party platform. But also because of intense pressure from President Bush and his Administration with the “Roadmap”.

    Then, seven days later, on August 29th, 2005, -tens of thousands of Americans were forcefully uprooted and expelled from their homes and land by an Act of God called “Katrina.”

  15. In the absence of full disclosure…It is my belief, that if Israel were to disarm themselves…Our father in heaven would protect them from harm and this would also be a surefire way to show the world how much faith that they have in the heavenly father. The lord talks of ways to arm yourselves for battle and I don’t recall him mentioning any nuclear weapons to do that. Come On and Make Your adversaries Sorry…disarm yourselves and dare them to try to get you!! The Arch Angel Michael will come and snub them out of exsistence with his pinky finger!!! Oh ye of little faith…when is Israel going to show the world what it means to be a true believer?! If you search the scriptures…Disarming yourselves in these perilous times, might be the very best thing you can could do for the ENTIRE human race. I would dare you to do it, cause I want to see my lord as soon as possible…Lord forgive me if this be selfish. There’s a time to sow and a time to reap……There’s a time to arm and a time to disarm……..

  16. Israel at the present isn’t healthy enough spiritually to throw down their arms and ask G-d to protect them. (The former King of Israel, Saul, could attest to that). Overwelming force is the only language that evil men understand. It can be spiritual force(as when G-d destroys Gog and Magog) or natural force which Israel has used to repeatedly repel hostile Muslim armies or for that matter, the Allies used to defeat the Nazis. The appeasement President Obama proposes only emboldens the enemies of Israel.

  17. The time will come when God will defend and protect Israel from her enemies by destroying them. I believe Israel must stay armed as a matter of self-defense until they see God move on their behalf. They are still a secular nation, not fully trusting God as their source of protection. Only God’s divine intervention can awaken them.
    I continue to pray daily for Israel, and the peace of Jerusalem. We must pray for our country, and the president and his administration, to seek God’s face as they make perilous decisions regarding our future, and that of Israel as well.
    I pray that Benjamin Netanyahu will have God’s strength to stand against any pressure from our own country to give up God’s covenant land. May he come to know Yeshua as his Messiah…
    Seeing Jesus face to face is our hope and our joy, but the timing belongs to God alone.
    Thanks Joel…the blog is a blessing!

  18. ELOHIM Speaks Job 38:22 ” Have you entered the storehouses of the snow or seen the storehouses of the hail,
    23 which I reserve for times of trouble, for days of war and battle ?

  19. Shalom!

    I am blessed by the comments that are being expressed on this post. It’s all about the ultimate power of God — as well as the practical side that must be submitted to and exercised as we hold to our faith in what Adonai has said in His word concerning Israel.
    Nicolas Real, to me, capsulates the entire issue with the scripture he gave out of Job.
    Adonai is infinitely prepared to implement His plan for Israel.
    — Shirah

  20. Many years ago I was honored to have Richard Wurmbrand ,a precious saint who had spent 14 years in a Romanian prison “Tortured for Christ.”..He was a Jewish Pastor. He died some years ago. I always wanted to see him before the Lord took this son of His home but was unable . In 2005 while in Israel through another devine appointment I met a man who grew up in Romania and was very close to the family.He is a Messanic Rabbi now. This Rabbi told me it took six months of being in the USA to realize the Democratic party IS the Communist Platform. He should know because he as millions of others suffered unspeakable tortures under communism.. Shalom ..Barbara C.

  21. Joel,
    Excellent article. Thank you for your faithfulness to being a Watchman on the Wall. Maybe all this and that on the world scene will just usher in the Messiah, Baruch HaShem!

  22. Joel, while I realize my comment may not make me very popular here, I have to say that the words “nuclear deterrent” are a serious contradiction in terms. You cannot detonate a nuclear device against your enemies without harming yourself. Another poster here pointed out that God will protect Israel, and still another that nuclear weapons are not in His “game plan.” To this I would add that Israel is specifically warned by God not to amass horses and chariots (top of the line weaponry in those days) lest they cease to depend on God. They weren’t even supposed to keep a standing peacetime army!
    Yes, I recognize that Israel is surrounded by enemies. And no, she is not spiritually healthy. But if Obama is guilty of anything in this, it isn’t opposing Israel. It’s hypocrisy, both in not denouncing all these new emerging nuclear powers (i.e. North Korea and Iran) as well, and in his typically American arrogance in thinking that we can order any other nation around.

  23. Suzanne Fischer

    I praise G-d that He loves Israel and is in control! I also know what Zechariah says is coming, and it is scary. G-d’s accient people have suffered such a long time, and I look forward to the day when they’ll be the head and not the tail.

    As for Hilary Clinton, President Obama, and anyone who is cruel to G-d”s people – I think they’re idiots. But I pray that G-d will save them and change their hearts. I believe that we in the USA are being judged by G-d because of how our country’s leaders treat Israel. They’re making all of us suffer.

  24. With all respect, I would say that having a ‘nuclear deterrent’ does not imply the necessity of using it.
    We successfully had a nulear deterrent in place against the former Soviet Union, and it fell without the use of our weaponry.
    According to God’s word, anyone who blesses Israel will be blessed in return.
    And anyone who curses her, will likewise be cursed.
    It is God himself who will make the final judgement on who the guilty are in reference to Israel.
    God have mercy on us all…

  25. G-d wants the hearts of Israel people more than anything, we are consuming our efforts for a peace of land . I don’t see anything in Jesus teachings about to fight for a peace of land, He is more concern about people’s hearts. are You?

  26. Kolo Mary Matthew

    God’s word will surely come to pass; whether we like it or not. i urge all of us to be prepared

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