It’s Official: Obama’s New Middle East Plan is a Poison Pill For Israel

President Obama and PM Netanyahu Meet

President Obama and PM Netanyahu Meet

The much anticipated meeting in Washington D.C. between President Obama and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has come and gone.

So what do we know now?

Their meeting seemed cordial and both tried to be publicly conciliatory towards each other but it was clear that a consensus was not reached. PM Netanyahu was nice but made it clear that, though Israel will work towards peace with their Arab neighbors, he was not ready to embrace the two-state solution.

President Obama made it clear that he wants Israel to embrace the two-state solution and strongly pressured Israel to discontinue all settlement expansion in Judea and Samaria (West Bank).

The Plot Gets Thicker: New Middle East Plan Revealed

On May 21 the popular London-based Al-Quds Al Arabi newspaper ran an extensive analysis of Obama’s new peace initiative. According to this report the main points of Obama’s peace initiative are as follows:

  • It is based on the Saudi/Arab League plan from March 2002.
  • It envisions a demilitarized Palestinian state.
  • It mandates a Palestinian state with territorial contiguity between Gaza and the West Bank that would split Israel into two parts.
  • Jerusalem would be split into Arab controlled east Jerusalem and Jewish controlled west Jerusalem.
  • Jerusalem would also serve as the capital of the new Palestinian state.
  • Israel would forfeit sovereignty over the Old City of Jerusalem and the Old City of Jerusalem would be internationalized, that is belonging to no one.

Obama Initiates Another First (unfortunately)

King Abdullah II of JordanIn addition, it was noted that President Obama and King Abdullah of Jordan conceived this plan while Obama was recently visiting Jordan.

This is the first time a US President has created a peace plan without first coordinating with Israel.

This is not a good sign for Israel…and for the US in general!

So what does Netanyahu really think?

 May 22, the day after the Al Quds Al Arabi article is published in London, PM Netanyahu addresses the nation of Israel on Jerusalem Day which is the celebration of the unification of the city of Jerusalem under Jewish control after the Six Day War in 1967. 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

He states in his speech,

United Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. Jerusalem was always ours and will always be ours. It will never again be partitioned or divided.

It sounds to me as if there is little to no give in Israel’s position concerning Jerusalem and is the polar opposite to President Obama’s desire for Jerusalem in his new peace initiative.

What About Obama’s Call for halting Settlement Expansion?

While Netanyahu has tipped his hat at this request and dismantled one or two outposts, the Israeli PM insists that authorized settlements should be allowed to continue natural growth i.e. natural population expansion.

What Does This All Mean?

It means that there is little common ground between Obama’s new agenda for peace and Israel’s new government. There are so many non-starters for Israel that I believe there is absolutely no chance Netanyahu and his conservative government would or even could agree to it without a total collapse of the coalition Netanyahu leads.

In other words Obama’s initiative is, for all intents and purposes, dead on arrival.

What Will Obama’s Response Be?

Obama has put himself in a very fragile position politically. If Obama, after all of his public posturing,  does not try to force Israel to comply he risks looking weak and impotent before the Arab/Moslem world and for that matter the world in general. He is investing a lot of the political capital he gained with his election in trying to resolve the Middle east conflict…his way. I don’t believe he will crawl away with his tail between his legs.

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

This is where we must pray for the President and this country.

Unfortunately, it appears…and I say appears…that he is moving in the direction of being willing to sacrifice, if necessary, the US’s long standing relationship with Israel to accomplish what he believes will bring peace to the Middle East.

Look for the US to put unprecedented pressure on Israel to bend to its will.

I hope I am wrong. Keep praying for Israel and the US.

The God of Israel is in control.

Joel Chernoff

~The views contained in The Joel Chernoff Report are not necessarily views held by the MJAA~


28 responses to “It’s Official: Obama’s New Middle East Plan is a Poison Pill For Israel

  1. Thank you Joel for posting what the late Paul Harvey might have called “the REST of the story”. Hashem is in control and things will unfold as he allows. I do not believe it is HIS will that Jerusalem be divided again. I love that Bibi uncategorically stated Israel would not allow that to happen. Baruch Hashem Adonai.

  2. y'hoshua sierk

    Hashem help us all. may His will be done.
    and, may He have mercy on US.

  3. President Obama should read the Bible. Jerusalem belongs to Israel and the Jewish people. It must NOT be divided, and Israel should NOT give up any land. The nation of Israel is a gift from God to the Jewish people, and must always remains theirs, in it’s entirety. If President Obama forces Israel to give up land, especially Jerusalem, God will punish the United States in a horrible way. Israel has given up land many times for peace, NO peace has come from it, and no peace ever will come to Israel by giving up land.

  4. Israel,trust only in G-D ,as your help, in time of need!!! America ,will not be able to help herself, when those, radicals decide to HIT,USA.. Israel,is the “Apple of G-D’s Eye” and ,he’ll, fight for her. I don’t care how arrogant, this President is ,he will not come out a winner ,if he goes up against Israel!! “THE G-D OF ISRAEL” Always has the ,Last Word !!!

  5. Luke 3:4 As is written in the book of the words of Isaiah the prophet: ” A voice of one calling in the desert ‘Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for Him, 5Every valley shall be filled in, every mountain and hill made low.The crooked roads shall become straight, the rough ways smooth. 6 And all mankind will see God’s salvation.’
    Are we the ones called to deliver this message today? can we read between the lines of “And all mankind will see God’s salvation” Yeshua is on His way; can we tell? Yeshua is repeating His word to us right now Mathew 23:39″For I tell you, you will not see me again until you say ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord’. Let’s keep on praying and doing in this world what Yeshua is asking us to do. Who do we trust?; Who is Our God? Do we need the help or wisdom of the ones that don’t listen to the word of Elohim nor see the Hand of Our God?; the ones trying to tell His people what to do or not to do?Are we forgetting about the one that took us out of Egipt with His mighty hand? Let’s pray for them and move on; we don’t have to much time, soon our Yeshua is coming. Let them see the works of our God, so they can also say ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord’

  6. Christopher Hernandez

    Its coming down to the wire and its becoming realer than real.
    The mountains are trembling and the air is still.
    Our Lord returns with salvation for man,
    He will prevail, no one can thwart His plans.
    Rise all you saints of the Lord, and give glory and honor where glory and honor are due.

    It is difficult to live in a nation under authority I do not believe in. Furthermore, it is difficult to work on a US military base, not knowing whether or not the US will ally with Israel, or if they will stand in opposition to Y’shua’s beloved people.

    Please pray for genuine believers in this time of peril and prophecy; may the G-d and Father of our Lord Y’shua, the Messiah, bless thee with grace and peace.

  7. President Obama is showing how much he is following the Muslim plans for world conquest–His plans for Israel would neutralize Israel as a sovereign Jewish state so that Allah’s honor, which was slapped in the face when Israeli armies defeated the Islamic forces in the War Of Independence and several wars since, can be restored and Islamic armies can conquer the Jewish armies.

    Next , he will neutralize the economies of the Western nations by over-burdening them with debt so they will collapse and Isalmic/Arab money can buy out what is left of this country and the rest of the Western world.

    Then the world will be ready for the appearance of the 12th Iman to come and finish conquering the world for Islam.


    Pray that God helps Prime Minister Netanyahu and his government resist what president Obama is trying to do. Also pray that God puts the curse of the downside of the Abramic covenant on those in the US Government that are trying to hurt Israel and not the whole nation.

  8. Israel has God on her side, America may be powerful but so was Egypt and God’s mighty arm delivered his people his mighty arm will again deliver his people. I pray Israel’s leaders stand strong for Jerusalem and the whole land of Israel I trust our Father will deliver her. Being American I pray our leaders will stand strong with Israel that makes me feel good to be an American. It hurts me as an American to see our leaders trying to divide Jerusalem and go against the word of G-d. I wish our leadership was more biblically literate and understood what the bible says about his deliverance of Israel. My question is..The Arab world has large amounts of land surrounding Israel why can’t they just let Israel be? If the Palestinians want there own state why can’t the Rich Arab countries give them a piece of the huge parts of land they have..Israel is a very small nation..for peace sake let Jerusalem and Israel belong to whom G-d gave it. I was in Israel in 2004, I was so impressed by the way the country keeps the Sabbath and how they really try to keep G-d’s commandments in celebration of the Sabbaths, Festivals, and Food WOW I wish I could live in a Country that loved G-d and observed his commandments! They do so much better than any country I have ever been in. Let us all pray for the peace of Jerusalem and May G-d Bless Israel to be light among nations and may we be a light for those around us.

    • Amen!
      As G-D’s people- we should never be afraid!
      G-D will fight for us as long as we continue to live for Him!

  9. All I know is that the Word says all nations will turn against Israel. I’m not sure if this is the time. I love Israel, and all I can hear is the song that talks about Yeshua returning riding a white horse with fire in His eyes! It has not bode well for those who have tried to take the Land that G-d gave to His people. I had no idea either that JFK tried to divide the land. All I know is that in the past, whoever has done so has paid a price. As I watch the world and the direction it’s taking, I see that Yeshua’s coming is very near. Prophetically, we are told to watch Israel, and know the signs of the times. It’s as if everything has picked up with “warp” speed, and is happening so fast. The U.S. is “losing it!” It is my responsibility to pray for those in leadership, and my prayer is that they come to know Yeshua as their savior… Be bold! Be strong my brothers and sisters in Yeshua. Remember, G-d already won, and in the end of the Book, we win! Though we may suffer some things, they’re temporal and worth it all! Just to behold His face for eternity!

  10. I am unable to fully understand why so many American Jewish voters voted for Obama, when it was obvious during election season that He was pandering to many other liberal and Islamic issues ?

  11. wow I find it hard to believe that there are this many people who equate the the modern state of Israel with Biblical Israel…you give so much eschatological significance to the modern state of Israel that maybe you have forgotten that the church is the new Israel – read your New Testament. Read Paul on who spiritual Israel is…

    • joelmchernoff

      Shalom Doubter,

      There are at least 40-50 million Christian Zionists in the US. Worldwide the number must be in the hundreds of millions that believe modern Israel is the clear and obvious fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. God has never and will never forget His people (Is. 49:15-17).

      In Is. 54: 7-8 he lovingly confesses His eternal love for Israel when he says…for a brief moment I deserted you, but with great compassion I will gather you. In overflowing anger for a moment I hid my face from you but with everlasting love I will have compassion on you.

      Honestly Doubter, there are so many prophetic scriptures that foretell the “latter days” physical and spiritual restoration of Israel– I wonder how anyone in the face of those Scritptures can possibly espouse the doctrine that the Church has replaced Israel.

    • Christopher Hernandez

      doubter, I thank you for your honesty. Your name tells of the lack of faith and understanding that you have in Y’shua’s (Jesus) purpose for coming into the world. I have not learned of this ‘spiritual Israel,’ and I would appreciate it if you could expound on this subject for me.

      In the mean time, I think it would be wise for you to seek God for what is really on His heart these days in the Church. I, myself, am a native to America, and I cannot believe how ignorant and complacent the Church is today in regard to the things that are holy in the sight of our Lord. Please, feel free to respond to me personally through my email address, or reply to this post concerning this new ‘spiritual Israel’ you are speaking of.

      One last thing, as one respectful human being to another, I think it would be best for you, since you represent the Church, as do I, to respectfully acknowledge the wisdom and insight that Mr. Chernoff has been given by God. There is no need for short-sighted anger and rebuke toward God’s people, there has been enough of that from the Church already.

      May God bless you richly with full wisdom and humility as you are being raised up in Him.

    • Doubter,
      I am a Gentile believer who has been grafted in, and I wholeheartedly support Israel because we were commanded to by God in Genesis 12:1-3.

      “1 Now ADONAI said to Avram, “Get yourself out of your country, away from your kinsmen and away from your father’s house, and go to the land that I will show you. 2 I will make of you a great nation, I will bless you, and I will make your name great; and you are to be a blessing. 3 I will bless those who bless you, but I will curse anyone who curses you; and by you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”

      I will let the Word speak for itself. Since you mentioned reading the New Testament, have you read Romans 11? You said to read what Shaul (Paul) wrote. He wrote this book.

      I will put it in this post because the mainline church has been taught wrong all this time. Trust me, I was raised in the church! I was taught that us Gentiles are “spiritual Israel,” when the truth is when we accept Yeshua (Jesus), we are grafted in. God has not cast away the people who He chose to make a nation of. Like with anyone else, He does not approve of their sin. But also like a parent, He will discipline His children, but He will also defend them when others attack them.

      I’m a parent, and I expect my child to obey or I will mete out discipline, but you better believe I will have an unconditional love for my child, and if you come along and try to hurt my child, it’s on! I will not allow you to do that! I have not cast my child away because it does not do everything I say, nor do I allow my child to get away with everything, and yes, like God, I do extend grace and mercy.

      Israel has not been replaced by you, me or anyone else. Those of us who were not born Jewish, but have accepted the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus) have been given a chance because the Jewish people rejected Yeshua initially. But today I know many Jewish people (Messianic Jews), who have accepted Yeshua as their Savior just like I have. Look at Romans 11 below.

      It tells us not to be arrogant. Read it for yourself. Anything in brackets are my comments.

      1 “In that case, I say, isn’t it that God has repudiated [cast away] his people?” Heaven forbid! For I myself am a son of Isra’el, from the seed of Avraham, of the tribe of Binyamin. 2 God has not repudiated his people, whom he chose in advance. Or don’t you know what the Tanakh says about Eliyahu? He pleads with God against Isra’el, 3 “ADONAI, they have killed your prophets and torn down your altars, and I’m the only one left, and now they want to kill me too!”4 But what is God’s answer to him? “I have kept for myself seven thousand men who have not knelt down to Ba’al.” 5 It’s the same way in the present age: there is a remnant, chosen by grace. 6 (Now if it is by grace, it is accordingly not based on legalistic works; if it were otherwise, grace would no longer be grace.) 7 What follows is that Isra’el has not attained the goal for which she is striving. The ones chosen have obtained it, but the rest have been made stonelike, 8 just as the Tanakh says, “God has given them a spirit of dullness eyes that do not see and ears that do not hear, right down to the present day.” 9 And David says, “Let their dining table become for them a snare and a trap, a pitfall and a punishment. 10 Let their eyes be darkened, so that they can’t see, with their backs bent continually.” 11 “In that case, I say, isn’t it that they have stumbled with the result that they have permanently fallen away?” Heaven forbid! Quite the contrary, it is by means of their stumbling that the deliverance has come to the Gentiles, in order to provoke them to jealousy. 12 Moreover, if their stumbling is bringing riches to the world – that is, if Isra’el’s being placed temporarily in a condition less favored than that of the Gentiles is bringing riches to the latter – how much greater riches will Isra’el in its fullness bring them! 13 However, to those of you who are Gentiles I say this: since I myself am an emissary sent to the Gentiles, I make known the importance of my work 14 in the hope that somehow I may provoke some of my own people to jealousy and save some of them! 15 For if their casting Yeshua aside means reconciliation for the world, what will their accepting him mean? It will be life from the dead! 16 Now if the hallah offered as firstfruits is holy, so is the whole loaf. And if the root is holy, so are the branches. 17 But if some of the branches were broken off, and you – a wild olive – were grafted in among them and have become equal sharers in the rich root of the olive tree, 18 then don’t boast as if you were better than the branches! However, if you do boast, remember that you are not supporting the root, the root is supporting you. 19 So you will say, “Branches were broken off so that I might be grafted in.” 20 True, but so what? They were broken off because of their lack of trust. However, you keep your place only because of your trust. So don’t be arrogant; on the contrary, be terrified! 21 For if God did not spare the natural branches, he certainly won’t spare you! 22 So take a good look at God’s kindness and his severity: on the one hand, severity toward those who fell off; but, on the other hand, God’s kindness toward you – provided you maintain yourself in that kindness! Otherwise, you too will be cut off! 23 Moreover, the others, if they do not persist in their lack of trust, will be grafted in; because God is able to graft them back in. 24 For if you were cut out of what is by nature a wild olive tree and grafted, contrary to nature, into a cultivated olive tree, how much more will these natural branches be grafted back into their own olive tree! 25 For, brothers, I want you to understand this truth which God formerly concealed but has now revealed, so that you won’t imagine you know more than you actually do. It is that stoniness, to a degree, has come upon Isra’el, until the Gentile world enters in its fullness; 26 and that it is in this way that all Isra’el will be saved. As the Tanakh says, “Out of Tziyon will come the Redeemer; he will turn away ungodliness from Ya’akov 27 and this will be my covenant with them, . . . when I take away their sins.” 28 With respect to the Good News they are hated for your sake. But with respect to being chosen they are loved for the Patriarchs’ sake, 29 for God’s free gifts and his calling are irrevocable. 30 Just as you yourselves were disobedient to God before but have received mercy now because of Isra’el’s disobedience; 31 so also Isra’el has been disobedient now, so that by your showing them the same mercy that God has shown you, they too may now receive God’s mercy. 32 For God has shut up all mankind together in disobedience, in order that he might show mercy to all. 33 O the depth of the riches and the wisdom and knowledge of God! How inscrutable are his judgments! How unsearchable are his ways! 34 For, ‘Who has known the mind of the Lord? Who has been his counselor?’35 Or, ‘Who has given him anything and made him pay it back?’ 36 For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen.

      I pray the Word will enlighten you.

      And the situation between the Arabs and Jewish people is not about “the modern state of Israel” -vs- “biblical Israel.” It is abut the age-old war between God and satan. It is about the physical land that God gave to the Hebrew people and satan wants to take it away.

      Do you know how large Israel is? Take a look at these maps:
      Why do the Arabs want this little piece of land when they have all that they have? Why won’t they stop bombing Israel? Quiet as it’s kept, they are still doing so you know.

      So, I didn’t mean to preach a sermon or go on and on. But I believe people don’t understand a lot of things because they have not been educated about it. There is much, much more! I used to just accept some things that were taught me in church, but I’m like the “Bereans” now. I study it out to see if it’s truth.

      I pray Abba will open your eyes of understanding.

  12. I, too, am an American, and I shake my head at what our leader is attempting to do in Israel. The first horseman’s steed is snorting and tossing his mane!
    Keep praying for our leaders and for Israel!

  13. Joel,
    I was inspired to read the Prophet Z’KHARYAH chapters 9-14 .
    I hate human suffering and I also can see God’s mighty hand setting up leaders to usher in Messiah’s return. Nothing to fear, but delight in how He will align all to his glory. Hallelujah!

  14. Isaiah 51:1″Listen to me, you who pursue righteousness and who seek the Lord:
    Look to the rock from which you were cut and to the quarry from which you were hewn;2 look to Abraham, your father, and to Sarah, who gave you birth. When I called him he was but one and I blessed him and made him many. 3 The Lord will surely confort Zion and I will look with compassion on all her ruins; he will make her deserts like Eden, her wastelands like the garden of the LORD. Joy and gladness will be found in her thanksgiving and the sound of singing.4 “Listen to Me, my people; hear Me, my nation: The law will go out from Me; My justice will become a light to the nations.5 My righteousness draws near speedily, My salvation is on the way, and My arm will bring justice to the nations. The islands will look to me and wait in hope for my arm.6 Lift up your eyes to the heavens, look at the earth beneath; the heavens will vanish like smoke,the earth will wear out like a garment and its inhabitants die like flies. but My salvation will last forever My righteousness will never fail. 7 “Hear Me, you who know what is right, you people who have My law in your hearts: Do not fear the reproach of men or be terrified by their insults. 8 For the moth will eat them up like a garment; the worm will devour them like wool. But My righteousness will last forever, My salvation through all generations.”

  15. Isaiah51:21 Therefore hear this, you afflicted one, made drunk, but not with wine.22This is what your Sovereign Lord says, your God, who defends his people:”See, I have taken out of your hand the cup that made you stagger;from that cup, the goblet of My wrath, you will never drink again.23 I will put it in the hand of your tormentors, who said to you,’Fall prostrate that we may walk over you.’And you made your back like the ground, like a street to be walked over.”
    52:1 Awake, awake , O Zion, clothe yourself with strength.Put on your garments of splendor, O Jerusalem, the Holy city. The uncircumscised and defiled will not enter you again.2 Shake off your dust; rise up, sit enthroned, O Jerusalem. Free yourself from the chains on your neck, O captive Daughter of Zion. 3 For this is what the Lord says:” You were sold for nothing, and without money you will be redeemed.”

  16. Whoever that come against the will of God will come undone. If US continues to hurt Israel, i am afraid the blessing of God will leave US and it may never recovers from this financial crisis and fall into another deeper crisis and never recover. US may just lose its glory as a superpower forever.

  17. The people on this forum must realize that President Obama is not a religious leader, or born a gain christian but a politician. And politicians not always do the will of God.
    Although not all past presidents of Israel acted on God’s will , I have never seen such vicious reactions from the Christian/Messianic world as what I see on this forum.

    People remember, don’t meddle with “Ceasar” buissness, for he has a sword. You better put your time and effort to the things of the kingdom of God.

    • Shalom Sally,
      From a spiritual/prophetic view, President Obama has charted an unprecedentedly negative course concerning Israel that very few past Presidents have. My concern, as well as many others, is that if he continues on this course he will put the US squarely at odds with God’s prophetic agenda which centers on Israel and bring judgment on the US as an enemy/oppressor of Israel. (Gen. 12:3) That remains a very real possibility and a reason to pray that God will change his heart towards Israel.

  18. Shalom Joel,
    I fully stand with Israel, and am part of a Messianic congregation. I was reading this article and wondering about a few things. I know that prior to Yeshua’s return all nations will turn against Israel. That includes the United States. Could this possibly be the time that would happen? I’m all for praying that G-d gives President Obama a change of heart, but judging by what is going on I’m kinda wondering if this is not setting up the time to usher our Messiah back. I know everything is in G-d’s timing and that there are many of His chosen who have not received him as their Savior. I also believe that could happen “suddenly.” And I know we should continue to pray G-d’s heart for His people, His protection, and His salvation.

    Your thoughts?

    • Denise,
      It remains to be seen if President Obama is a prophetic figure or just another President. Time will tell. I do think it is prudent for us to pray for him until it becomes clear where he fits in. As our President, he has the power to affect our daily existence. Let’s pray for him as well as the US in general. The US desperately needs to stay on the right side of God’s prophetic agenda which we all know centers around the physical and spiritual restoration of Israel.

  19. Awarding President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize is a joke for all of the world…Obama has made many promises of peace but words do nothing, it is action that brings result. The Nobel Peace Prize should be awarded to people of action not just talk…God bless Israel and protect the world from heretics like Obama.

  20. If Obama continues to put blame on Israel and turns a blind eye on those who wish to eliminate them, it will only bring America into God’s judgement. Either this man is quite deaf and blind to the real world or he is prepared to sacrifice Israel for a false peace. Putting responsibility for peace on Israel is reprehensible. No other country in the world have been treated in this way.

  21. I am not startled by the actions of Obama. We should stand together in support of Israel.

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