Part III: Why Does Osama Bin Laden Hate Barack Hussein Obama

“Sowing Seeds of Hatred” ~ Osama Bin Laden

Osama Bin LadenThese are the words of Osama Bin Laden and these words embody the accusation Osama Bin Laden makes against President Obama. But why?

  • Shouldn’t Bin Ladenbe happy that Obama seems to be coming down hard on Israel howbeit with tough love?
  • Shouldn’t he be happy that Obama is speaking in a conciliatory fashion towards Islam from a major Moslem Arab capital?
  • Shouldn’t he be happy that this President has a Moslem father and that his sympathies possibly lean towards the Moslem side of issues?
  • Shouldn’t he be happy that Obama attended a Moslem school in Indonesia for a few years thus potentially indoctrinating him to Islam?
  • Shouldn’t he be happy that Obama has promised to pull US troops out of Iraq by next summer?

There should be a lot of things that Bin Laden could be happy about so why instead does he hate President Obama and accuse him of sowing seeds of hatred?

The answer is found in President Obama’s recent courtship of Saudi Arabia and Egypt and the contents of his speech.

President Obama’s Strategy Against Radical Islam

Bin Laden’s strategy for Islamic domination is to use every violent means available to defeat the Judeo-Christian west which is led by the US and impose a radical fundamentalist Moslem order on the world as a whole. Bin Laden believes that if he can destroy the Little Satan (Israel) and defeat or subjugate the Great Satan (USA) the rest of the world will fall in rapid order.

He feels that this radical Moslem agenda is threatened by what he perceives to be President Obama’s strategy which is as follows:

  • Force Israel (with tough love) to make peace with the Arabs by creating a Palestinian state next to Israel thus defusing and/or eliminating tensions in the region and nullifying the main unifying issue within the Moslem/Arab world (or so Obama thinks).
  • Create a moderate Moslem front composed of moderate Moslem/Arab countries against Bin Laden and his cronies thus making it increasingly hard for the terrorists to operate.
  • Bin Laden can see Obama employing the same strategy against Iran’s leadership which has the same vision for a Moslem worldwide empire.

Bin Laden has also noticed the unprecedented visits this President has made to Saudi Arabia and Egypt seeking to make this Moslem front against him a reality.

In short, Bin Laden perceives that Obama’s strategy is…divide and conquer!

This is why Osama hates Obama!

Bin Laden obviously believes that Obama has a chance of being successful thus feeling threatened.

Pressure on Israel

Now you can see why Obama is exerting so much pressure on Israel. If he cannot resolve the Palestinian/Israeli conflict then his chances of isolating Bin Laden and the radical Moslem terrorists are greatly diminished.

Fortunately, I believe that Obama will be unsuccessful in resolving the Palestinian state and bringing peace to their Middle East because his agenda requires a division of Israel proper and Jerusalem as the capital of both states.

Every President who has sought to accomplish this, starting with Dwight D. Eisenhower, has failed miserably despite the circumstances on the ground looking favorable.

God’s prophetic agenda is the spiritual and physical restoration of Israel. Anything working against that prophetic agenda will fail.

Stay tuned for Part IV of this series: President Obama’s stunning turnaround on Iran and its nuclear weapons.

Joel Chernoff

~The views contained in The Joel Chernoff Report are not necessarily views held by the MJAA~


4 responses to “Part III: Why Does Osama Bin Laden Hate Barack Hussein Obama

  1. I agree that the problem we are looking at is not political in nature but spiritual. Glory to God who is going to restore Israel. God will have a final say in all thats is happening in Israel . He will humble Israel’s oppressers and all will know it is God who delivered Israel not man’s doing because he will not share his Glory with anyone. No weapon of the enemy formed against his people shall prosper that is the promise of God to us . God bless Israel and his inheritence.

  2. Respectfully, Mr. Chernoff, if you’re opposed to a two-state solution, then what is your alternative solution? A ONE state solution? That would required that Israel grant eventual citizenship to all the Palestinians in its borders … which would obliterate our hope for a majority-Jewish democracy. (Awkwardly, the one-state solution is the most popular proposal of Holocaust deniers.)

    I sense from the tenor of your other blog posts that your preferred solution is a continuation of the status quo. (I.e. the Palestinians “over there” and the Jews “over here,” while tensions continue simmering and Israelis live in a constant state of terror) Respectfully, that hasn’t been working and it’s not ever going to work.

    Further, the approach of the Bush administration, which was generally to “stay out of Israel’s business,” while commendable, didn’t exactly improve Israel’s security. Although suicide bombings basically disappeared (thanks to Sharon’s security barrier), it was under Bush that Israel weathered continued attacks from Gaza and suffered an embarrassing military defeat in Lebanon. South Lebanon is now even further radicalized than it was before … and Iran is THISCLOSE to amassing a stockpile of nukes aimed directly at Israel …

    So I must ask, how is any of this good news for Israel? And how would a continuation of the Bush approach help to defuse the radicalization of the region?

    I’m not an Obama-lover, but I am an American Jew, and I want security for my friends and relatives in Israel. As painful as it is, that might require giving the Palestinians parts of the West Bank and Gaza and letting them deal with their own problems (while pursuing an aggressive military strategy to counter attacks launched from those areas).

    I’m not naive enough to think that’s the silver bullet, or that the Palestinians will actually be good faith peace partners. That would be dangerously gullible, wouldn’t it? But the status quo isn’t that bright and promising, either.

    I’ve seen plenty on your blog blaming Obama for screwing it up … but very little in the way of constructive alternative options for Messianic Jews and Christians to throw their support behind.

    So … nu?

    • Shalom Monique. If you scroll back and read my April 3 blog (No Political Solution to the Mideast Conflict) and the April 17 blog (Becoming Clearer, Obama on a Collision Course with Israel) I believe many of your questions will be answered. Thanks for your comments.

  3. This is why bin laden hates obama – what has changed since he’s come to office? Nothing…

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