Obama Beginning to Reap What He Has Sown

The Rapid Decline of a Presidency

It has been very interesting to watch the downward spiral of the Obama Presidency after his very public and celebrated Cairo speech to the Moslem world in June of this year.

President ObamaAs I have previously noted in this blog, in that speech Obama (and I will summarize) subtly but clearly shifted the blame for the Middle East crisis from the Palestinian and Arab nations to Israel. President Obama became one of the leading “accusers” of Israel despite his verbal affirmation of the US longstanding and positive position as the protector of Israel.

In addition, after a gentle “wrist slap” for persistent Arab Moslem  terrorist violence against the Jewish state, he then makes Israeli settlement expansion in Judea and Samaria his number one agenda item for  resolving the Middle East crisis. His State department has consequently taken an increasingly public and hostile stance towards Israel, making Israel out in the public eye to be the “enemy” of peace in the middle East.

Even the liberal Washington Post observed:

One of the more striking results of the Obama administration’s first 6 months is that only one country has worse relations with the United States than it did in January: Israel. The new administration has pushed the reset button with Russia and sent new ambassadors to Syria and Venezuela; it has offered olive branches to Cuba and Burma. But for nearly three months it has been locked in a public confrontation with Israel…if he is to be effective in brokering a peace deal, Mr. Obama must be tough on more than one country, or one party to the conflict.

So, over this past summer, what have been the consequences for Obama’s Cairo speech and negative shift in US relations with Israel?

Palestinian Response:

Palestinian leadership has become much more intransigent and less willing to negotiate with Israel. They simply echo Obama’s position and hide behind his measured negativity towards Israel. As Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat boldly asserts concerning PM Netanyahu’s compromise plan for limiting housing expansion in West Bank settlements, the only thing suspended by this announcement will be the peace process. This is absolutely unacceptable. The real Israeli official answer is being conducted on the ground by continuing the building of housing units and settlements.

benjamin-netanyahuErekat describes Netanyahu’s compromise as “total defiance” to US calls for a settlement freeze.

Israeli Response:

A recent Smith Research Institute poll in Israel discovered the following:

  • Only 4% of Israelis believe President Obama is pro-Israel or sympathetic to Israel…down from 31% in January.
  • This is in stark contrast to the 88% of Israelis that believed George W. Bush was sympathetic towards Israel.
  • 51% of Israelis believe that Obama is pro-Palestinian.
  • Quoting a Tom Gross Media assessment, …even many left wing Israelis rallied behind the government of Benjamin Netanyahu in his confrontation with Obama after the State Department summoned the Israeli ambassador to Washington in July and told him two families of Jews could not live in a private home, long owned by Jews, in the heart of Jerusalem, and that the Jerusalem municipal authorities should not have evicted two Palestinian families who had been squatting in the property and had not paid the Jewish owner any rent since 1985.

Since turning against Israel what has happened to his Presidency?

President Obama has gone from one who had the magic touch in politics and had unprecedented favor not only in the US but around the world to one that is in steep decline. Here  is some of the evidence:

  • His job approval rating has plummeted from 60% positive in April to 45% in August. A record for a new President.
  • Just 37% of the all important independent voters still approve his job performance. 59% disapprove.
  • 55% of voters now see the country as seriously off-track.
  • His healthcare plan is in serious trouble.
  • Many experts believe that if this downward trend continues it will signal a large turnaround at the ballot box in 2010 for the Democratic Party he represents.
  • This could signal a powerful erosion of his authority and ability to govern as he is now.

I will conclude with this – Isaiah 49: 25-26

In this prophetic chapter concerning the End of Days and restoration of Israel, God sounds this warning to the enemies of Israel,

Can the prey be taken from the mighty, or the captives of a tyrant be rescued? For thus says the Lord: even the captives of the mighty will be taken and the prey of the tyrant be rescued. For I will contend with those who contend with you (Israel) and I will save your children…Then all flesh shall know that I am the Lord your Saviour and your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob. (Is.49:25-26)

Joel Chernoff


27 responses to “Obama Beginning to Reap What He Has Sown

  1. To the Jewish Leaders:

    Please DO NOT cave into pressure from this administration. Israel, including palestine, belongs to the Jewish people.

    Bill Huebler

  2. I love it. This is the best news I have heard in a long time. I am more than ready to throw out Obama, his administration, his “czars”, and all congressman against Israel and democracy. Wait till 2010. This is a great article.

  3. Lynn Heckel Griffith

    thank you for reminding us again that those who bless Israel will be blessed, and those who curse Israel will suffer G-d’s consequences!

  4. On November 5, 2008 I was camping out at a KOA camp with my little dog “Taco”, and at the time I was traveling from Los Angeles to North Carolina, moving there to get away from LA for awhile.

    While sitting at my campsite, enjoying a beautiful crisp autumn day, where leaves that had fallen from surrounding trees began to be tossed about by a mini-tornado, a quick blast of air that churned up the lying brittle reminder of a soon coming winter, a thought surfaced almost immediately; “If there is now to be a political change, thereto must be a spiritual one.”

    Jews, and Christians alike, should not be surprised by the stance Barack Obama has taken against Israel, but instead should rejoice, because as “peace” is established in the land of the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, the home of the Children of Israel, then too soon shall come our Messiah…Yeshua.

    Is President Obama the one to bring about peace in the Middle-East, or is he just the beginning of many future American President’s to abandon Israel…and then one day American’s will feel “safe and secure”, not realizing this very abandonment has brought about so much destruction on American soil?

    “I will bless those, who bless you, and I will curse those, who curse you.” God

  5. I wish to say that we MUST pray that Obama is lead by God and not by the Anti-semitic movement. I have just emailed Obama myself. If you have access to the white house email, I suggest people EMAIL him and let him know your feelings….. I believe Obama is a Christian, I believe he is just mis advised and so with prayer and our standing up for Israel, we CAN change the tide especially if we use the Bible as our ammunition AND OUR WEAPON. complaining does not work, we need to gather together as a movement and bombard the whitehouse with emails and letters… he has given us access to him, so we need to USE IT!!!!!!!!

    • Yvonne; No Christian would help sign into law a bill where babies are not protected. You are one of the many “christians” that voted for a man that enables infantasied. I’m sorry to have to say this to you, however maybe the truth will make you free. Yolu cannot defend this abomination and still call yourself a Lover of God


  7. Amen. Our nation is a Christian based nation. Christianity owes its existence to the Jews and one in particular:Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Messiah.
    We must stand with Israel.

  8. Fear not my beloved Israel, let the nations rage, for when they raise themselves, I will raise myself to your deliverance. Thus O my dear Israel speaks His Spirit in my heart.
    Isaiah 42: 14: For a long time I have held my peace, I have kept still and restrained myself; now I will cry out like a woman in travail, I will gasp and pant.
    15: I will lay waste mountains and hills, and dry up all their herbage;
    He O my Israel the God of ages is soon to come, Leonard.

  9. Hi Joel,

    President Barack Hussein Obama has publicly professed to be a “Christian,” having sat in church at the feet of his spiritual leader, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, for over 20 years. During that time President Obama claims to never have heard or to have been influenced by the anti-Biblical, anti-Semitic, and anti-Israel teachings and rhetoric which were espoused by and from Rev. Wright’s pulpit during that 20 year time period.

    It stretches the limits of credibility that Obama claims that was not influenced by Rev. Wright. Consider that there are 52 Sunday worship meetings in one year year. In 20 years there are 1,040 worship meetings. Had Obama hypothetically only attended (or remained awake) at 10 percent of those meetings and sermon messages, then he would have been exposed at least 104 times to Rev. Wright’s so called “Christian” Bible teaching.

    Obama told us to judge him by the company he keeps. Obama professed that he was a friend of Israel during the 2008 election campaign. Notwithstanding that several of Obama’s political advisers were known to hold strong anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli positions, the non-Believing American Jewish community at large supported Obama overwhelmingly.

    Obama’s actions as President have demonstrated that he is no friend of the Jews or of Israel, notwithstanding the appointment of his top Jewish advisers Rahm Emmanuel and David Axelrod.

    Obama has much to learn about what the Scriptures teach about Israel, and about how Christians are to properly treat the Jews:
    “…because of unbelief they were broken off, and thou standest by faith. Be not highminded, but fear: For if God spared not the natural branches, [take heed] lest he also spare not thee. ” (Romans 11:20-21)

    Perhaps we all should be mindful of what the Scriptures also teach regarding those who call themselves “Christians”:
    “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.” (Matthew 7:15, 20)

  10. Great article. Thanks.

  11. When obama won the election, I was distraut, However, then I remembered that God is in control and that a rebllious child was elected by reblellious children. I have no fear now. God WILL will be done. This abomination just brings me closer to God and I await His return. Nothing that this administration does worries me anymore. Because ultimately, God is in Control.

  12. Jacqueline Jacobi

    I have just begun to read this blog, and agree . Isreal has given up land for peace several time only to receive critism as though they were not cooperating for peace, and then have to endure war like attacks. ” Peace, peace when there is no peace.” Peace will come when Zackariah 12 comes to pass. As an American, I pray that we don’t ever turn on Jewish people either here or in Israel. Thanl you, JD Jacobi

  13. The President is a wolf in sheeps clothing. The president needs to leave Isreal alone. And, since when does American’s vote a president in office who is Muslim ? That is the question American voters need to ask them selves. American has gotten way off track. We are to support Isreal at all times. Our founding fathers must be rolling over in their garves. We as Americans need to support and pray for our brothers and sisters in the city of the Great King Yashewa-Jesus. I did go to a non denomiational church but I wanted to know the Hebrew roots of Christianity. Now I go to Beth Yachad Messianic Synagog in Scottsdale AZ and being able to worship with Gods people has been so fufilling.. The secular chuches and the Pegan church aka Catholics are really missing some important rules God has comanded us. Two big rules comes to mind. Jesus said don’t treat my mother any different than you would treat someone elses mother. God says have no graven images. I encourage eveyone to support Israel and get to know a Messianic Jew. You will be blessed! Remember Yashewa/Jesus said “who ever blesses Isreal I will bless”. Yashewa-Jesus comanded us to spead the good news.
    Spread the good news of Yashewa-Jesus being our Savior with a Jewish person today.

  14. I hoped we would be a friend to Israel for all time,but it’s looks like obama is shaking hands with anyone but Israel,I am so dissapointed for how he is treating Israel,I will always stand for and continue to ask GOD to bless Israel and if there was one place I could visit it would be Israel because I would love to walk and think of The Messiah were he grew up and died for all of us.I love you Israel !Jesus loves you,I only find comfort in Him and how He wants to bless Israel,Wake up everyone Israel wins in the end,all who accept Jesus has already won !GOD laughs at those who think they can change His plan.Stand together all will be well everything is in GOD’S HANDS !

  15. It is very clear that Obama has a soft spot for Muslims and Islam mainly because he was raised as a Muslim and I personally believe that he is putting on an act to fool the American public pretending to be a Christian to hold on to his Presidency. There have been so many instances that he has mocked Jesus and even parts of the Old Testament but not once has he spoken anything regarding Islam. The more he squeezes Israel, the more suffering is he bringing upon the U.S. The wrath of God is going to be unleased upon the American populance because the chose him as their President. I only pity the innocent Americans who voted for him.

  16. What is Rahm Emanual’s role in this?

    • Rahm is pushing Obama to get tough with Israel because he is an Israeli. He worked with the Clintons on pushing Israel to the peace table. He is apure Chicago politician. He was making a point about a political enemy once and he put his steak knive through the dinner table at a political event.

  17. Sad to say, Mr. Obama is neither a friend to Israel, nor a friend to America.

    Sad, but certainly not surprising.

    As Americans, we have before us the challenge to pray for America and for Israel, and to read the scriptures for what G-d said about events in Israel’s history, present, and future, and what we should do in relation to it.

    Obviously, support Israel if G-d shakes the world to its core. And He may do that.

  18. Interesting analysis, Joel. As part of the curriculum for the 12th Bible class here at Calvary, I have been teaching them lessons from the book of Judges; i.e., the way a nation (or individual) fails from faith to apostasy. (1) toleration of things that are out of harmony with God’s holiness; (2) admira-
    tion for what is tolerated; (3) conformity (or participation). Who would have thought when we were growing up in the 50s and 60s that this nation would find itself where it is in our lifetimes: “Your redemption is drawing near.” Shalom. Jerry

  19. Shalom

    I am a Christian and I compart your point of view 100%. Our President loves to quote from the Bible and calls himself a Christian but he is forgetting what the Bible says in Genesis 12:3

    “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.”

    As Christians we need to pray for Israel, for Peace in jerusalem and in the land of Israel and pray for the Jewish people, sadly many have jumped into the liberal wagon and turned their backs on the chosen people of God.

    Shalom my friend

    May God bless you richly and His face may shine always upon you

    Your brother


  20. Live forever my Israel!
    Even before Obama was elected I had a very bad premonition about him and really didn’t want him to be elected. I knew that if he gets elected, it was going to be the end of US as the 1st world country…; I still fill the same way, accept now my premonition is becoming more physically visible and heard, and spiritually more heavily felt.
    Currently, I am in a very bad financial state, but I have many skills. If there is anything I can help my people and Israel with, let me know.

  21. Kethuvim II Chronicles 7:14 When my people, who bear my name, humble themselves, pray, and seek My favor and turn from t heir evil ways, I will hear in my heavenly abode and forgive their sins and heal the land.

    We do not pray enough and seek the L-rd enough, He can and will help us as His Word said.

  22. Shalom!

    Thank you for this article, I appreciate the facts oulined above, and in my soul your points rang true to me. I believe that where we find truth, we find God, because God is always in the truth.

    This article inspired me to reflect on my favorite psalm. I sing this in Hebrew often as a praise and prayer, both in public and in private. I would like to share it for you and any other readers who would like to read it. (I apologize if there are mistakes in the typing or translation.)

    Adonai roi lo echsar,
    The Lord my Shepherd, I shall not want,

    binot deshe yarbitzeini,
    In green pastures, makes me lie down.

    al mei m’nuchot, y’nahaleini.
    beside waters of stillness, He leads me.

    Nafshi y’shoveiv,
    My soul He restores,

    yancheini b’maglei tsedek,
    He leads me in paths of righteosness,

    l’maan sh’mo.
    for the sake of His name.

    Gamki ei leich b’gei tsalmavet,
    Even though I walk in the valley of deathliness,

    lo ira ra ki ata imadi,
    I will not fear evil for you are with me

    shivt’cha umishantecha heima y’nachamuni.
    Your rod and your staff they comfort me.

    Taaroch l’fanai shulchan neged tsor’rai,
    You set before me a table before my enemies,

    dishanta vashemen roshi kosi r’vaya.
    You have annointed with oil my head my cup overflows.

    Ach tov vachesed yird’funi
    Goodness & mercy will follow me

  23. kol y’mei chayai,
    all the days of my life,

    v’shavti b’veit Adonai l’orech yamim.
    and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

    Psalm 23 from Gerald Cohen’s beautiful
    arrangement “Adonai R0-i”.

    This Psalm inspires me to pray without ceasing for our world, and to know that it is through our prayer and obedience, that God leads and shepherds us. I hope America never loses sight of that beautiful truth.

    God bless you and your family.



  24. a well place ellipsis in the quote from Isaiah!

  25. Colleen Vindhurst

    Thank you for your very insightful articles and observations. I knew when Obama became our President and everyone around me was celebrating, that we were in grave trouble as a nation. Both of my parents are gone now to heaven, thank God. God bless Israel and the Jewish people…His nation…His people…Stand up all you Christians…read God’s Word…and get ready for His return in a fury, destroying those who defy Him. No one can stand against our living God, who will reign victorious over ALL, forever…Amen! I look forward to it!!

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