Prayer Alert – Moment of Truth Between the US and Israel

UN Report Accuses Israel of War Crimes

It is no surprise that the 575 page UN Goldstone Commission Report investigating war crimes committed during the Gaza War harshly and unjustly accuses Israel’s Army of committing war crimes.

For the past 40 years, most actions coming out of the UN are heavily influenced by the Moslem and African bloc of third world nations which have been consistently hostile and anti-Israel. This report is no different.

Despite the fact that Israel absorbed over 8000 rockets in its southern cities over a period of years before attacking Gaza, and despite the fact that Israel gave the Palestinians control of Gaza and forced their own people out for the sake of peace only to see Gaza turned into an armed terrorist camp bent on Israel’s destruction, the UN Goldstone Report conveniently ignores these realities and reserves its harshest criticisms for Israel. The UN’s record of consistent anti-Israel reports and resolutions remains unbroken.

Israeli Reaction

To say that Israeli officials across the political spectrum were furious is an understatement. Israel’s Foreign Ministry stated that the report was a shameful chapter in the history of international law regarding the right of nations to defend themselves.

Foreign Ministry spokesman, Yossi Levy, told Army Radio, We reject any comparison between a democratic country defending itself and a terrorist organization.




Gerald Steinberg reporting for the Jeruslem Post observed that the Goldstone Report accuses Israel of violating international law by committing acts of terror, while it refrains from directly accusing Hamas of violating those laws. Worse, the report never even admits that Hamas is a terrorist organization.

One of the UN reports authors, Professor Christine Chinkin,  splendidly displayed her anti-Israel bias when she  categotrically rejected Israels’s right to self defense against rocket attacks from Gaza and accused Israel of aggression and “prima facie” war crimes (Jerusalem Post).

Palestinian Reaction

Despite the fact that Palestinian terrorists indiscriminately launched over 8000 rockets into Israeli cities over a period of years, the Palestinian Authority (PA) shrugged off any responsibility for the war and proclaimed that the report confirmed allegations that Israel had committed war crimes. (Jerusalem Post)

The PA then had the brazen gall to demand that Israeli civilian and security officials responsible for the war be brought to trial before the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Of course, this is intended to further isolate and criminalize Israel in the world community.

The, the PA conveniently welcomed the charges against its sworn enemy Hamas and added that Hamas was responsible for atrocities against the Palestinians (but failed to say the same about  Israel). Palestinian President Mahmoud AbbasThis report is clearly a win/win for the Abbas and the PA he heads.

Feeling safe from serious prosecution and sensing the anti-Israel bias of the Commission’s Report, Hamas’s Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh…called on the United Nations to charge Israeli leaders with war crimes while rejecting the panel’s accusations against his group.” The Palestinian people acted in self defense”, he said.

 Here is where it gets dangerous for Israel and creates a moment of truth in the relationship between the Obama Administration and Israel.

As the LA Times reports, The four panel UN commission has called on both Israel and Hamas to appoint independent investigators for separate inquiries into their own conduct. If that is not done, it said, the UN Security Council should refer the report to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague.

Everyone knows this will turn out badly for Israel. Israel has already rejected this demand as well as Hamas and the Palestinians.

If the panel refers the matter to the ICC, the ICC will likely allow prosecution of the Israeli Army, rule against Israel and criminalize the actions of Israel’s army against the terrorists further demonizing and isolating Israel in the world community. This is completely irrational but nevertheless likely.

Of course there is no chance that Hamas will appoint such a commission. It’s laughable really–to expect a terrorist organization to appoint an independent panel to review its activities. You must be kidding. Sadly…little will be required of them if they don’t comply.

The only way to stop this blatantly anti-Israel campaign is if the US exercises its veto and stops any move by the UN Security Council to refer the matter to the ICC. The US has routinely done so in the past…but will President Obama do so now?

Why Wouldn’t President Obama Act to Halt this Injustice?

  • Obama has scheduled a tripartite peace “powwow” in Washington at the end of this month between the Palestinians and Israel.
  • The Palestininas have said they will not come until Israel freezes all settlement construction.
  • Israel has said it will come but not stop all settlement construction.
  • Therefore the Palestinians have a good excuse not to come.
  • President Obama (who politically needs to keep his peace initiative alive) may simply say to Israel either stop all settlement construction in the west bank or the US will not veto the motion to refer the commissions accusations against Israel to the ICC. This would amount to political extortion.
  • In other words, it may not be in the best interests of his political agenda to protect Israel as other US Presidents have done.

What should Israel do if this happens?

In my view Israel should say no to the halt of all construction. That would put the political ball back in the President’s hands. If Obama refuses to veto the UN Commissions recommendation to refer the matter to the ICC and expose Israel to this injustice, it would most certainly expose him to great political peril here in the US from the Christian right, and the many in both political parties, as well as the House and Senate that support Israel. It may also have a dramatic and negative effect on the US Jewish mainstream who have so far stood with the President.

I believe he will do the right thing even if it’s just in his own interest to do so. However, for the reasons stated above, it wouldn’t shock me if he threw Israel under the bus to teach them a lesson and allowed the UN to refer the matter to the anti-Israel International Criminal Court.

Let’s all pray that our President will do the right and just thing and stand with Israel against the rising tide of anti-Semitism around the globe.

Joel Chernoff




20 responses to “Prayer Alert – Moment of Truth Between the US and Israel

  1. United States has forgotten who the real friend is and we the American people will pay for the mistakes of our leaders.

    Keep raying for the peace of Jerusalem and the peace of Israel, may our Lord jeshua come soon to take us home before the wrath of hashem is released upon this land.

    Shalom to all the brothers and sisters and to the nation of Israel.

  2. Our country has slid so far in to darkness that we have become like children not knowing the true difference between right and wrong. Our nation is connected to Israel because we are a covenant nation as Israel is a nation founded on the Word of God. God is the reality of both nations. You can not separate Christianity from Judaism (Romans 9-11; Ephesians 2:11-22). Judaism is our root. This country was founded for God’s purpose and blessed to be a blessing to all people. If we turn our back on Israel we reject the family tree of our belief system. It is not the “fool” saying there is no God… It is the fool saying there is no longer a God!

  3. It would be extremely sad for our president to turn his back on Isreal,but that does not mean that the true beleivers in Jeshua have turned. We as beleivers are under the direct command of our Lord to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and all true saints know that the enemies of Isreal are the enemies of Lord God.
    Elijah prayed and it didn’t rain for three and one-half years and then he prayed and it rained. The effectual fervant prayer of a rightous man avails much. So what of the prayers of the many rightous? The Lord Jeshua is th same yesterday,today and forever,He does not change. He is the one Who fights for Isreal,evil will not prevail. No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that rises up against you you shall condemn

  4. kathryn Stagnitta

    The Jewish community has supported the democratic party, maybe now they will see that their friends are no longer the Dems. Lets get them out of power before they destroy everything we have been working for. Mr Obama, who says he is a Christian should know the scriptures and remember those who are against Israel will pay a price. As for me and my family we continue to pray for Israel and for peace in Jerusalem. God Bless all those who stand with us in this time of grave concern. We have the knowledge that the Lord will be victorious and his people shall reign with him forever.

  5. Shalom Joel:

    This is your best report thus far!
    Keep Obama’s feet to the fire.
    I sencerely hope he reads your report.

    He only governs to support the master plans laid by George Soros and the radical left wing socialist secular agenda of those who bought the office for him.

    He has always had ABC; CBS, NBC, CNN, and a host of other bought media actually working to further his diatribe against U.S. tax payers and Israel.

    It’s quite nice to hear from someone that sees things how they are and is not afraid to comment on the facts.

    Toda raba for this report. Please keep them comming.

    The Elam Mishpocha looks forward to seeing you at the OKC regional MJAA conference in November.

    אלוקים יברך אותך ולשמור לך על העבודה שאתה עושה משיחית. וכן, עבור דוחות אלה גדול החושף את האמת התקפה חריפה של אובמה נגד ישראל האהובה שלנו.


    G-D bless you and keep you for the Messianic work you do. And, for these great reports that exposes the truth of the Obama diatribe against our beloved Israel.

    Scott D. Elam

  6. As a Catholic and devoted supporter of the Jewish people and the State of Isreal I am sickened (though not surprised) by the actions of the U.N. in wanting to prosecute Isreali soldiers for defending their homeland. I worry that Pres. Obama will not do the right thing and that he will vote against the interest and protection of America’s true friend, the State of Isreal.
    I pray that God continues to bless and protect the Jewish people and the Holy State of Isreal.

  7. Dear Joel:

    I am not too familiar with these issues. However, no matter what we should stand with Israel. Personally and as a nation. Yeshua showed that principle when he chose to die on the cross. Overall, we should all find a way to stand with Israel and pray for wisdom for all, and not let the minor political differences cloud the major principle. THE BIBLE as the INERRANT WORD OF GOD stands as the proof that the nation of Israel belongs to the Jews. God give us his Holy Spirit and wisdom on how to get that message across. And at the same time, in order to solve the minor differences, we must abide by 1 Cor. 13:8- “Love never fails.” We must let love guide us to the proper solutions.

  8. Shalom Joel: Truth spoken : We continue to pray for the peace of Israel and know that it serves as the prayer for the Messiah ( Jesus ).
    I feel the coming is so close that we all should
    be preparing for that. The world goes it’s own way and we go the way of the Lord. Rev.21:11
    May the Lord Bless and Keep You .

  9. Thank you Joel, for sharing this critical information. We must be praying, not only for Israel, but for our own nation.
    God has made a covenant promise to Israel which will never fail…but we have no such promise.
    We have turned away from the God of creation, and now it appears we are turning our back on Israel.
    The word of the Lord says He will bless those who bless her, and curse those who hate her. We must continue in prayer, united as believers in Messiah, for the peace of Jerusalem, and for a heart change in the president and his advisors.

  10. Zechariah 8:7-8
    7 This is what the Lord Almighty says: “I will save my people from the countries of the east and the west. 8 I will bring them back to live in Jerusalem; they will be my people, and I will be faithful and righteous to them as their God”.

    Do we need to worry ? Let us look again at the promises of our God ELOHIM, when He says what He says It will stand, He have never failed His people and His promises are faithful. Let us Praise His Holy Name and see His wonderful works…again Toda raba Abba ELOHIM

  11. None of this may matter. We often forget that G-d sanctions elections (in a matter of speaking) and who’s to say Obama isn’t His chosen to do His will? Perhaps this is the beginning of the time where the scripture speaks of the return of the chosen to THEIR land. Perhaps Mr. O is simply a puppet of the holy puppet master.


  12. O my dear dear Israel when will learn to put your trust in God? This is NOT the moment of truth, That my dear Israel is yet to come. I have already prayed to Him who has send me for a good messenger unto you, and my Father hears me always. Isaiah in his 42 chapter prophesied of what is soon to come, the true moment of truth.
    Why do you worry about these burned out wood sticks ,the USA and its president? I will cast them down upon their own devices, but for you My my dear Israel, remember the spoken word, how in the days of your forefathers when they inquired regarding the day in which you have now come, so it was said unto them;

    “Stand upon your feet and hear a mighty sounding voice, and it shall be as were it a great motion, but the ground upon which you stand shall not be moved. When therefore you hear the voice be not afraid, for the word will be of the end, and the foundations of the earth are understood. For at the sound of these things they will tremble and be moved, for they know that the end entails change.

    O if only you would believe the word I speak unto you; The USA and all nations will tremble, but you O my dear Israel, you will be protected, all that are found upon your borders. Fear not, even though no scientist knows the foundations of the earth, they are known this day even to me, another token that the time of the end draws near. And as for that voice, so the Lord said, quote; 12. And it said; “Behold, the days come that I will begin to draw near, to visit them that dwell upon the earth, I will begin to make inquisition of them what they conceive to be to hurt unjustly with their unrighteousness.”

    Will you pray? Learn how to pray! For he that doubt’s is double minded, nor therefore will his prayer be heard, but rather it will count against him.
    Do you not know O my dear people that God is to send ten plagues again to bear upon the whole earth before the day of Christ’s return? And the first of these as prophesied by two prophets is: “Sorrow from much need.”

  13. To Nicolas Real
    Bleesed indeed all that believe upon My word. Keep faith always Nicolas.

  14. Friends, lets pray for nation of Israel and the Peace of Jerusalem.Also pray that the Lord God who is the God of Abrahaham, Isaac and Jacob will overshadow Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu with Wisdom and strengthen him that he will make the decisions according to God’s perfect will and purpose and plans. Shalom.

  15. Brechtian Dinner Theater

    As I (and anyone else paying attention to the current administration rather than the largely unfounded rumors and insinuations floating about) expected, the white house has come out strongly in favor of Israel in light of this shameful Goldstone report situation. Not only that, but they have apparently chastised the Palestinian Authority for petitioning to bring the report’s allegations to the I.C.C.

    • Stay tuned. I am reviewing his speech now and will be blogging on it shortly. Perhaps you know from previous blogs that I believe President Obama has given us much reason to believe his sympathies are not with Israel.

  16. I couldn’t even finish reading the whole article because I am so disguted by this blatant and idiotic anti-semitism. These so-called leaders must really be stupid! Fortunately, G-d is in control and He loves His ancient people and His land.

  17. Unfortunately, I find that many Jews here in America no longer feel any connection with Israel and see nothing wrong with turning our backs. They don’t know G-d’s Word so they don’t know the Messiah or believe prophecy. The Jewish leaders have sure done a great job keeping our Jewish brothers and sisters dumb and blind to G-d’s true Word over these last 2,000 years, didn’t they? But, G-d already knew that, didn’t He…

  18. 22Thus says the Lord GOD,
    “Behold, I will lift up My hand to the nations
    And set up My standard to the peoples;
    And they will bring your sons in their bosom,
    And your daughters will be carried on their shoulders.
    Isaiah 49:22 (New American Standard Bible)

  19. we are close to Ezekiel wars…. and later the war in the Book of Joel. Its prophesied, so trouble times must come to pass for Adonai to reign. Are you and I ready for the millenial reign and the coming reign of Messiah? We must. All the nations that will go against Israel will be like Tyre in Ezekiel 26,27,28. As Joshua 1:7 says Only be strong and very bold in taking care to follow all the Torah (instructions) which Moshe my servant ordered you to follow; do not turn from it either to the right or to the left: then you will succeed wherever you go.

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