U.S. vs Israel – Colliding Agendas

Thoughts on President Obama’s UN Speech

“First, we must stop the spread of nuclear weapons, and seek the goal of a world without them.”

These are the words defining President Obama’s agenda concerning nuclear weapons not just for the US but also the world. He goes on to say that he believes that all nations should have the right to the peaceful use of nuclear energy but not to use  nuclear weapons.

True to his globalist ideology, he also asserts that the UN and its nuclear agency the IAEA, should have more authority and that all nations should have to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and be forced to live up to it.

He says,President Obama

“All of this must support efforts to strengthen the NPT. Those nations that refuse to live up to their obligations must face consequences. This is not about singling out nations – it is about standing up for the rights of all nations that do live up to their responsibilities. Because a world in which the IAEA inspections are avoided and the United Nations’ demands are ignored will leave all people less safe, and all nations less secure…The world must stand together to demonstrate that international law is not an empty promise, and that treaties will be enforced.”

Sounds good…but isn’t the US being hypocritical?

In all fairness how can the US insist on non-proliferation and elimination of nuclear weapons when the US has more nukes than any other nation. President Obama knows this, so he is determined  to lead by example and reduce our nuclear capabilities, unilaterally if necessary, to demonstrate his sincerity. In other words he will try to convince the world that he/the US means business and that Russia, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, India etc. should do the same.

Why this is dangerous for Israel?Israeli Flag Burning

Our Arab/Moslem brothers know that these are not  empty words and have seized on a new strategy to weaken Israel. They have begun to confront Obama with an argument that goes like this,

We will stop the pursuit of nuclear weapons on the condition that Israel is forced to reveal the true extent of her nuclear arsenal, destroy her nuclear weapons, join the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and agree to  IAEA inspections.

If they can pursuade the US President to accomplish Israel’s nuclear disarmament then they would have succeeded in weakening the Jewish state to such an extent as to make Israel a very tempting target for an all out conventional war where the numbers are clearly in the Arab nations favor.

If they can’t achieve this then at least they can force a confrontation with the US and hopefully damage Israel’s relationship with the US thus further isolating Israel within the world community.

To the surrounding Arab/Moslem  nations, Israel’s nuclear weapons arsenal acts as a serious deterrent. They know that Israel could very possibly  destroy them if she felt that her national sovereignty was threatened.

What if Israel were to say no to President Obama’s strategy?

Already President Obama has pressured Israel in this direction and Israel has resisted him as nicely as possible.  If Israel rejects Obama’s instruction to comply with his nuclear weapons agenda (which he thinks is in Israel’s and the world’s best interest) he could begin pressuring Israel by cutting military aid and/or not vetoing anti-Israel UN resolutions amongst other measures.

In others words President Obama may see Israel as an obstacle to peace. If he could only get Israel to comply with his nuclear agenda, the Arab/Moslem world would then feel more safe and be forced to acknowledge that his path to peace is the one to take.

Surely Israel can understand this…he thinks.

And if they can’t, then the US will just have to assume the role of “tough love” administrator and force Israel to do what the President knows is best for her, the Arabs, the US, the world… and himself.

What does Israel understand?Indonesia Protest

Israel understands that she lives in a sea of hostile Arab and Moslem nations who have a stated goal of destroying this tiny Jewish state.

What Israel understands is that she wants to survive and giving up her nuclear weapons in the current hostile environment is inviting a national disaster.

What Israel understands is that she cannot – must not – give in to US pressure on this matter.

The next blog will take a look at what he had to say in his UN speech to the world about the Palestinian/Israel crisis.

Joel Chernoff


8 responses to “U.S. vs Israel – Colliding Agendas

  1. It says Israel will be hated of all nations, not all nations except the United States. If The Word says this, then we have to expect it. But He says when they attack the missiles will explode over their own heads. Don’t you just itch to see that?

  2. It astoundes me that Israel must give up a portion of THEIR land so that the Palestinians can remain a thorn in the side of Israel. If the other Arab nations are so concerned about the Palestinians why are none of them being forced into offering some of their land (which are a great deal bigger than Israel) to the so-called unfortunate Palestinians???? The truth is that nobody wanted them when Arafat was the leader and they don’t want them now. But let us harrass the Israelis because maybe the Palestinians will accomplish for the other Arab nations what they truly desire. TO WIPE THE JEWS FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH.

  3. It really burns my toast to hear the MSM refer to the Palestinian settlements in Yisra’el, as “villages”, and the Jewish villages in Yisra’el as “Settlements”.

    A little food for thought: The original Palestinians were Jews. The current Palestinians have absolutely NO HISTORY, and just like all other moslems, they have stolen many things from us (Jews), in order to fabricate a satanic religion, that is a mockery of Judaism.

    Everything from diet, similarities in language, Law and retribution based in teachings of the Tenach, (Only exercised entirely in the flesh), among many other things…The time is coming soon when Messiah will return to this earth, and it breaks my heart to know that not all will be saved.

    Let us all pray that Yeshua leads us to all who will be saved, no matter how vile they may appear, and lead them to the Joy, glory, and Salvation of Ruach HaKodesh.

    In HIS Service.


  4. I am an American and say to you, Do not give in to Obama, it is no more than hypocrisy, so the US would be alone with nuclear weapons, nor would Russia give up on them.
    They may make for a facade, and even if they – after everyone else, disarmed their nukes, they could reinstate them in hours.
    Do not believe a single word of a man that is about to be put down by the Lord your God O Israel.
    Watch and see O Israel in a little while and the heads of the USA will be put down, but you O Israel will not be moved,
    So I have given you the words of the Lord your God.

  5. I believe Benjamin Netanyahu is God’s chosen agent for this time in Israel’s history. I pray he seeks the wisdom of God, and seeks the Lord’s salvation.
    No man can accomplish what God has not desired, nor derail His plans for His chosen ones.
    Peace be unto you, O Israel…peace be unto you.

  6. I am an American that is not proud of what this president stands for or is against. He seems to be more slanted toward favoring Muslim nations over our proven allies and our own people. Maybe he needs to remember God’s words to Abraham, ” I will bless those who Bless you and curse those who curse you”. This President needs to remember whom he is supposed to represent.

  7. I am from the USA also. I am not Jewish (at least not 100%) but I love the Israel and the Jewish people with all my heart. So many “Christians” have falsely thought the USA would not suffer because we are “God’s people”. They do not realize that this nation, albeit a ‘believing” one, believes in a Laodocian form of faith -a convenient faith, and not one who truly follows YHVH and worships Yeshua. I have prayed for our nation but I believe it is destined for anhilation especially now with Obama. He has made a “safe haven” for Hamas leaders here in our own country, and I believe is allied with the Muslim faith and nations, and I fear for America as the modern-day Babylon. I feel safer living in Israel (even with her enemies surrounding on all sides) because what’s going to happen to America is going to be horrendously nightmarish! Baruch Adonai echad and Bless Israel and those who love and support her forever and ever!

  8. Emmanuel Caturla

    It would be an understatement to say that Israel lives in a ‘sea’ of hostile nations but a more appropriate term would be an ‘ocean’ of hostile nations.

    Israel will not be harmed…

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