President Obama’s UN Speech: The Palestinian/Israeli Crisis

President ObamaPart 2: Thoughts on President Obama’s UN Speech

As I parsed through the part of President Obama’s speech to the UN that focused on Israel and the Palestinians, I thought it was appropriate to highlight the following:

1. President Obama continues to try to position himself as a neutral and fair mediator rather than Israel’s ally with the following words,

“We continue to call on Palestinians to end incitement against Israel and we continue to emphasize that America does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements.”

To casually characterize the thousands of Palestinian/Hamas rockets that were launched into Israeli cities and their civilian populations as “incitement” is outrageous. Incitement is a minimizing understatement. These were acts of war and no nation would put up with it, including the US. Obama then turns on Israel in specific and in my view harsh terms and states;

“And we continue to emphasize that America does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements.”

So let me get this straight.

Thousands of Palestinian rockets launched into civilian populations is merely “incitement” (aggravating) while Israeli settlements are “illegitimate” thus Burningimplying Israel is pursuing a policy that is illegal by international law and thus criminal. In my view, “incitement” is a mild rebuke and the “illegitimate settlements” constitute a harsh indictment of Israel.

2. He states that the second pillar of his speech is the pursuit of world peace.

In the President’s view, one of the keys to world peace (which he so badly desires to be the inspiration for) is the resolution of the Palestinian/Israeli crisis. In Obama’s view, the way to resolve the Middle East conflict is to divide Israel into two nations, ie the two state solution.  In his own words…

“The goal is clear: two states living side by side in peace and security – a Jewish State of Israel, with true security for all Israelis; and a viable, independent Palestinian state with contiguous territory that ends the occupation that began in 1967, and realizes the potential of the Palestinian people.”

So I guess Mr. Obama believes the Palestinian assertion that Israel’s dominance of Holy Land taken in wars the Arabs started and lost is “occupation” and not the legitimate spoil of war. Compare that to the way the US forcefully appropriated so much land from the Native Americans Indians. A little hypocritical wouldn’t you say? Are we “occupying” Indian lands?

3. He accuses Israel (in front of an increasingly hostile world) of not respecting legitimate Palestinian claims and rights.

“The United States does Israel no favors when we fail to couple an unwavering commitment to its security with an insistence that Israel respect the legitimate claims and rights of Palestinians”.

Israel has been a close ally to the United States for 50 years. This statement amounts to a betrayal of that relationship. Even if he believes this statement it is wrong to expose little Israel to worldwide condemnation when she is already unfairly reviled by so many nations in the UN. Shame!


Judging by what Obama is saying in this speech coupled with his Cairo speech,  Obama continues to pursue a strategy that puts the onus for theBarack Obama Middle East crisis politely but clearly on the doorstep of Israel.

May God have mercy on the United States.

Joel Chernoff


29 responses to “President Obama’s UN Speech: The Palestinian/Israeli Crisis

  1. Shalom Joel:

    You have a real gift for getting the truth to the surface. I forward these reports to everyone I know.

    Please keep up the good work. Many are listening.

    Look forward to seeing you at the MJAA regional conference in OKC.

  2. I agree. May God have mercy on the United States. According to II Chronicles 7:14, we must continue to pray for our president and our nation.

  3. President Obama is making a terrible mistake in putting the peace issue in the Middle East on Israel! Israel has done more than would be expected when attacked daily by terrorist bombs dails. –How true, May God have mercy on America, and may the American people see the terrible error in Pres. Obama’s thinking.

  4. As our Lord tells us, in the end, ALL nations will turn against Israel. It certainly appears the US has started down that path. We must all continue to pray for the peace of Israel and for pray for our country and its leaders. We must continue to follow the Lords commandments and be ready for the return of Yeshua.

    Keep up the good work Brother Chernoff
    May God have mercy on us all.
    Larry Cheshier

    • Hey Larry, You are a sick dude. Don’t you think of any thing besides lying, stealing, wrecking your family and this yeshua person. Man you are siuck!!

  5. why doesn’t the rest of the world see what you are saying?? when i recall Netanyahu’s speech before the UN i think of him as the sole “leader of the free world”!

  6. When this president was elected I prayed for Gods mercy. It is God that turns the heart of the princes of this world. Obama is clearly not out of His reach. God favors those that favor Israel. That is clear. Does Obama care? Not yet. God help us all in the meantime.

  7. Why O Israel are you so concerned with Obama? There will be no world peace, nor will Obama before long amount to anything.
    Do you not know by now that the Lord your God is about to trample upon these Gentile rulers, and render judgment to the nations, except for the land of Israel which will not be moved.
    See for yourself, Esdras, and Isaiah 42, and once you hear the voice of that Lion, His anointed, fear not, for you will be protected O my beloved Israel.

  8. Shalom Joel –

    Thank you for being a voice of truth in a world of deceptions.
    I especially enjoyed your comment about the U.S. forcefully appropriating land from the Native American Indians.
    However, Israel is the only nation that God made a covenant with – confirming that covenant by giving His land that He created to Abraham and his descendants through Isaac. The “world” (in general) does not acknowledge God or His Word or His covenant with Israel. I believe that Israel will be turning her heart again towards God for help (as in days of old) and that God will act supernaturally on her behalf to defend her. (Ezekiel 28:24-26)

  9. Michelle Langford

    To acknowledge Israel as Gods chosen people is to acknowledge that the Word of God is true and the world doesn’t want that. Israels hope has always been and always will be her Messiah, Yeshua the Christ. Gods promise to Abraham assures her survival and nothing that Obamas says or does can thwart that.

  10. A prize was given by those behind the scenes for future work towards a ‘false peace’. The award helps to elevate Obama a little more in the eyes of the world. Who knew one man could have such an impact around the globe…..

  11. Our people are making Aliyah, the Restoration of Israel is happening in front of our eyes. Prophecy is being fulfilled. Our brothers and sisters are not growing tired nor weary because the power of Elohim is sustaining them. They are coming home; the same way He took us out of Egypt with His Mighty Hand, He is doing the same with the physical and spiritual restoration of Israel. There is no stopping . For every man, woman and child that is returning to Israel, the Hope that we all are waiting for the return of “Yeshua”; is near. In our hearts and in our people’s heart is that hope. The Lord will march them back home and then He will return. They are believing in the Messiah, because the Holy Spirit is guiding them and us. We are given to be part of this; so lets focus on it, the mission… Lets put all of our energy in this our given mission so our Messiah will get the final word from Our Father Elohim, and then we all can be going home; our real home. Do you Know that all the enemies of Israel know this and that is one of the reasons why they are trying to get as much land as they can so they could be no room for our people? They feel that there is a power more powerful that any power in the world doing this restoration…and that power is The Power of the invisible hand of ELOHIM… we can see it, they can feel it, but they don’t understand it. They are trying to gather as much help of the world to stop this restoration. Nothing can stop The Power of the Invisible Hand of ELOHIM. They are also scared because they know that their end is near. So lets focus and let us not look at what is around us, or those giants… lets all pray for them, maybe our Lord will help them open their hearts and see the big picture, and accept Our Savior and they can also be saved…”John 3:16-20 The Lord our God is the everlasting and Mighty God…

  12. Um, Rev. Hollingsworth, I really don’t see the connection between 2 Chronicles 7:14 and praying for the president. I’m not saying we shouldn’t, but I’m wondering if you might mean a different reference?

  13. Thanks, Joel! Of course, you are right concerning your comments about Obama and his words about Israel and the Palestinians. These days, I pray Obama will come to know Yeshua–for his own soul’s sake as well as for the sake of us here in the U.S., for if we continue down this path, more judgment from God will come our way (cf. Genesis 12:1-3). But I also pray for Benyimin Netanyahu–that he would have wisdom and protection. I know he knows the spiritual side of what’s going on in the Middle East (to a large degree anyway) and isn’t just seeing things from a political perspective, but the pressures on him at this time are, I’m sure, exceedingly great.
    Elsewhere on the Congregation’s website you’re featured as having written about the coming war of Isaiah 11. What about Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38 & 39. Is the first part of one of the others?
    P.S. I’m still blessed by the music of LAMB from time to time; I used it to worship a lot in the years after I first came to faith in Jesus, the Messiah. Thanks.

  14. I did not vote for Obama, and I am sad & angry about the way he is leading. Let me make it crystal clear – HE DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME!

    I believe, Joel, that you understand this & that there are others like me – who don’t fit where we are & so you count us among your own. And for that I am so greatful.

  15. Obama is a politician, not a statesman by any means. He has no right to judge any matter, other than what temporary power G-d has allowed him.He wants only to look as if he’s accomplishing something, even if that something is dangerous and destructive. Maybe he is what America now deserves.

    G-d is in control. There are only two kinds of Islam–benign and malignant–neither is peaceful. The benign form is still bad, it causes people to go to Hell, and sujugates souls with lies, forcing them to be captives to sin.

    The malignant form is the 800 lb. gorilla every politician on the planet is trying to appease. One question, Mr. Obama, why do you support a belief that seeks an end to religious freedom? Have you not read the Bill of Rights?

    Any good statesman would condemn the religious oppression of Islam, and defend Israel. Why, if Islam is so great, does it only grow through brute force?

    And how is the Gospel of Messiah growing in places of persecution? It grows and cannot be stopped because the Gospel is the power of G-d unto Salvation. You can’t fight the truth with bullets and bombs.

    They cannot stop that with any material weapon. Islam is a lie. That lie is destined to fail.

  16. Shalom Joel,
    Amen to what you’ve written! I also agree with Catherine B’s prayer for President Obama, and Prime Minister Benyimin Netanyahu. Anyone that claims to be a “Christian” and does not understand Biblical prophecy–not even that deep, but the plain scriptures state that G-d gave the land to His Chosen people, and He would bless those who bless them and curse those who curse them (Gen 12:3). Also anyone who would support the homosexual lifestyle and abortion–where is G-d in that person? Am I judging?…don’t think so. The Word says in Matthew 20 that we will be known by our fruit.

    To Debra J. Fant, yes, Israel is the only nation that G-d has made a covenant with, and I too am in agreement with what Joel said concerning “the US forcefully appropriated so much land from the Native Americans Indians.” What hypocrisy! Israel acted in defense of itself, and won–to G-d be the glory! Yet the U.S. stole land from the Indians and then put them on reservations.

    All signs point to a soon return of our Messiah. In the meantime, we continue to fight the good fight of faith.

    Shalom Joel, …see you in Orlando, the L-rd willing!

  17. I just discovered this site by way of a Google search for an Israel-related blog entry. It is quite fascinating. I went through the archives. I read the fawning comments from the regular posters.

    The term “Fifth-column, de facto Israeli agents” sprang to mind. You folks come off as a bunch of ingrates, unwilling to fully assimilate into the American culture, opting instead, to pledge your allegiance and your very souls to a state outside our union of American states.

    When the vital national interests of the state of Israel and those of the USA come into direct conflict, this behavior is tantamount to online sedition. I do hope that some element of the US federal government is monitoring this pious, but venomous site.

    People who refer to nation states using pronouns such as “she” and “her” give me the creeps. The same goes for people who quote from Holy Scripture to justify modern-day injustice and oppression. Holy Wars Suck.

    I am thankful to have discovered this nest of ungrateful vipers on Thanksgiving weekend. I shall monitor these blog entries and comment when appropriate.


  18. Good article Joel. I heard just today that President/Gen. Washington, when the first flag was being made wanted six-pointed stars on that flag. And the symbol worn on every military officers hat has the star of David above the eagle in the form of thirteen stars. The Jewish people have been friends of America from it’s very beginning.

  19. Dear Joel,
    I have received Christ Jesus when I was very young. Only, now in my early 40’s, alone through divorce but reunited to our Father God (Elohim) with a totally restored spirit—have I learned from the Lord through a very dear friend(a daughter of the Lord) that I, and she as Gentiles reborn into the Faith actually belong in the family of Jewish Christians. I know my own family would laugh; but they who judge our hearts save for the Father in heaven, will end up judged by Jesus (Yeshua).
    I thank you, brother and all my new-found brothers and sisters of Israel. I wish I were ther in the Holy Land with you all, worshipping our God together!!
    My opinion about our President is not something to be said at this time. I am studying a lot lately of the prophesies from the Bible and on Christian and Jewish news in regards to the prophetic words of the Bible. The results are becoming… All we can do is continue the work of the Lord to witness to the lost, wounded, and deceived… I hope you catch my drift.

    Shalom!!! I pray for the peace of Jerusalem, too.

  20. Mr. J. Chernoff
    Your message to President Obama did not work because the Bible is a closed book to him, he has no understanding of it. Even as you when you are teaching the sons of Israel the corruption of God’s word – that the Messiah will come once Israel is established as a nation both physically and spiritually, in which case you have no need of the Messiah.
    Israel will indeed be established but not until the Messiah has come, only then, and by Him alone it will be, that is the truth, the word of God. Three times already the Lord spoke to you, but like most of Israel you refuse to listen, it is for that reason and more that the Lord will send cruel warriors from the far north upon you, and upon the land of Israel.
    And they as the Lord said will devastate Israel, and kill tens of thousands, your wives will be ravished and your houses plundered, and desolate the heritage as spoken by Daniel. All because you O Israel refused to listen, you thought scorn of the Lord, therefore you will be invaded, so that – as the Lord said; All the rebels among His people will be rooted out, those among the people in Israel as well as among the nations.
    Look up Isaiah 1:27, if you have eyes to see, and 2:12 as to whom are leading Israel astray, to proclaim lies unto them. Yet you will have an hour of mercy since He will send forth His name from the west. And Isaiah 10:21-23, and 29:6, and 47:11, “a ruin of which you know nothing.”
    Not you O Israel, but the Messiah, He alone – after He has come – will establish and rebuilt Israel, then and only then the new temple will be built, and all that are written in for life return home. He that has an ear let him hear.

  21. Thanks, Joel. Your analysis is very informative. Alas, I did vote for Mr. Obama because I received numerous pieces of mail from him indicating that he intended to institute rigorous standards of K-12 education in the US. This has not materialized and, in fact, the National Science Foundation claims that the USA ranks last. Mr. Obama’s treatment of Israel as well as his promotion of values contradictory to scripture disgusted me so much that I changed party affiliation. Then too, the supporters of House Resolution 397 are principally Republican. Henry (whose post is on your site) would like that legislation as it brings to light the fact that George Washington was a Freemason as well as a member of the Episcopal Church. Will God have mercy on the USA? Certainly, if enough people think like you and speak out to re-center the nation on the path of wisdom.

  22. We have seen with our own eyes the true colors of the leftist pro muslim feelings of Obama. It makes me wonder why so many voted for him. I pray and stand with you Joel in standing with Israel. All of us should insure next time we vote that we know where that leader stands to avoid being one of those nations which shall be destroyed when Messiah Returns.

  23. Well spoken Joel!!! Thank you for standing up to this injustice!!! At first I thought I was reading about the shameful slam-down of Netanyahu!!! and found your comments applicable to that situation as well, though I’m sure more could be said about that disgrace on the usa!!
    I’m looking forward to your comments on that as well should you make them!!! May G_D keep inspiring you, and give you even greater wisdom in these situations!!! Praise Be to G_d!!

  24. John Stephens

    President Obama also publicly referred to the Koran as “holy Koran.” It is manifestly obvious that anything holy is true. Does he therefore agree with Mohammed that Jews and Christians are apes and swine as the Koran repeatedly asserts? Mohammed contradicts the writings of Moses’ history of the Jews in the Pentateuch. Does Obama agree with Mohammed that Moses was wrong? At his award ceremony for the Nobel Peace prize, Obama cited Gandhi (Hindu) and Martin Luther King as his personal ideals of men of peace. He never once mentioned Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace. Is he really Christian?

  25. obama may pretend to be neutral and also to support Israel. At least he claimed that while running for office. It is of my opinion that obama’s religion is islam but that is not popular. Every decision he has made religious wise seems to support my opinions. I do not believe he is a christian as he claims.

    He is very devisive and a consummate liar. I do not think he has a conscience. He will say and do what is necessary to get what he wants regardless of the cost to others. He is a dangerous man. However, what he does not realize is that the war has already been won. Of course I am talking about a spiritual war.

    I do pray for my country, but I believe that things in America will continue to get worse. I pray they don’t, but I think they will. How much worse I am not sure of, but I think we need to be prepared. However, I am hopeful that in the end, people will see him for the charlaton he is and elect a new president that is more central not so polarizing to our country. Personally I would prefer conservative, on the other hand…power corrupts so to me the best way to avoid it is to have an equal number of people in each party in office, so they are forced to work together and not ramrod things through that are detrimental to our country. That means…less socialism and more capitalism with personal freedoms. Capitalism works for those who work hard, socialism suffocates, destroys and creates poverty.

  26. The Bible is full of similar stories. I want to point out one similar story in particular. The prophesy of 911 is in the Book of Daniel [starting at Dan 4:10] . You can find it in the story of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream where the Tree is chopped down. The Tree in this dream is a metaphor for a skyscraper. The Tree is also a symbol for the economy the same as the Twin Towers were [Daniel 4:12]. When the Tree, Twin Towers fell so did the economy (Daniel 4:14). Both stories take place in Iraq. Nebuchadnezzar in the future is Saddam Hussein. Both Neb and Saddam loose their Kingdoms when the Tree, Twin Towers fall. Both men go into exile and suffer a period of madness following the fall of the skyscraper (Tree) [Daniel4:25]. Saddam looked like a creature with hair of feathers and nails like claws when the US forces pulled him out of his hole in the ground as did Neb [Daniel 4:33]. Both men were restored, brought back to the kingdom [Daniel 4:36]. The writing on the wall was for the sons of Neb and Saddam [Dan 5:25]. The sons of both Kings were killed by invading forces [Dan 5:30].

  27. This is the end of this world, things are in line to be as a prophecy is written.
    Tribulation is at the door, and we know that is before Yeshua´s Second Coming.
    I ask for mercy upon our people every where, and The Great Covering of our Great Eternal Father YHVH and Yeshua our King. Everything is in His heands now! HaleluYah! Blessed is He who comes in the name of Yahweh!

  28. May God have mercy on United States with the Obama administration
    turning their backs on Israel!!! Obamas friends are the muslims!
    Pray for the peace of Israel,
    God Bless

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