Osama Bin Laden’s Assassination and Middle East Peace



Will Osama Bin Laden’s (OBL) much celebrated death at the hands of American military special forces move the world closer to peace in the Middle East?

The answer is no.

While it is particularly gratifying to see OBL meet his just reward on this planet and to know that an American face was the last face he saw before leaving this earth, it was a temporary distraction and sideshow from the center stage of Arab political upheaval.

In particular, continue to keep your eyes on Egypt… 

Besides being the largest of the Arab Moslem countries, Egypt has maintained the longest peace with Israel of any Arab state. Since the recent overthrow of Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak and his government, we are seeing a gradual but clear tilt towards a radical Moslem takeover. The forces for democracy in Egypt, that were so prominent during the revolution, are much less organized than the radical Moslem  constituencies. Specifically, the Muslim Brotherhood is now the most powerful and organized political party in Egypt and will be a force to be reckoned with in the soon coming elections in Egypt.

My Prediction…

The radical Moslem cleric run political parties, the largest of which is the Muslim Brotherhood, will first takeover the democratic process that is desperately trying to maintain and nurture a foothold in the current  Egyptian political landscape. After rising to power, those radical elements will undermine the democracy (as Hitler did in Germany) and declare Egypt to be a theocracy (like Iran) and operate under “sharia law” i.e. the law of the Koran.

More Bad News for Israel

 In addition to the radicalizing of the political process in Egypt, I have noted from various  news sources over the last several weeks, other clear  indicators that the Egyptian populace and political process  is increasingly anti-Israel.

Here are some of them:

  • Many voices in Egypt are calling for Egypt to end selling natural gas to Israel. This call has manifested in two bomb attacks on the pipeline between Israel and Egypt which succeeded in temporarily halting the flow of gas to Israel.
  • Egypt recently opened the border between itself and Gaza infuriating Israel. This opening permits weaponry to be much more easily  moved into the hostile hands of the Hamas terrorist government.


    These weapons will be used against Israel and Israel knows this.

  • Many Egyptian citizens and politicos are calling for an end to the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. Those voices are gaining a larger and larger following amongst the general population.
  • And lastly, Egypt has been central in helping Hamas and the Palestinian Authority to negotiate a political truce thus unifying the Palestinian Arabs against Israel. This despite the fact that Israel has stated very clearly that it will not accept this “unity” government and will not negotiate any peace with a government that includes the radical Hamas party unless it accepts the right of Israel to exist. Hamas has no interest in recognizing Israel.
So Where is This Leading?
Egypt is a boiling pot that is threatening to explode. Israel sees the anti-Israel direction the Egyptian revolution is taking and is feeling increasingly threatened and vulnerable on its southern border. It is just a matter of time until war breaks out as Israel feels it must move pre-emptively to protect itself from a crippling and potentially lethal first strike from its enemies.
All of this is prophesied in the book of Isaiah and elsewhere. We could be watching the precipitating events that cause and lead up to the Final Arab Israeli War.
More on this later.
For the restoration of Israel,
Joel Chernoff

6 responses to “Osama Bin Laden’s Assassination and Middle East Peace

  1. Praying for the peace of Jerusalem, the holy city, where the name of ywh will be forever–whatever the rest of the world says. Praying for the soon return of the true Prince of Peace and for the nation of Israel. My heart is so heavy within thinking of all these people have been forced to endure and will continue to endure. Yet they are the apple of God’s eye and are engraved on His hand forever! God pity the people who even think they can touch this people without receiving the curse of God Himself in return.
    I pray for the armies of God to surround this great land and to protect her; to give insight and wisdom to her leaders, to supply their every need and to fight for her against her enemies. I pray for the people of God worldwide to be strenghthened with might in their inner man and to rise up for the cause of this people who we owe so much to for through them our holy scriptures have come, our Saviour our hope, our redemption. “Why do the nations rage and the peoples imagine a VAIN thing?” How foolish and vain to think that anyone can raise a hand against Israel and think that God will not arise and scatter all her enemies, crushing their teeth and making them wish they had never been so presumptious! God Bless Yisrael, forever!

  2. Shalom,
    I guess Usama did get his 73 virgins and they’ll all be heating up when God awakens him from Hades.

    But Egypt? Interesting prophesies over this country. She’ll be punished and has lost the glory of her past. But she will blossom again and return. Interesting . These wars may be a series of wars, not just one great war . Except for one: The invasion of Isra-El by the mostly AXIS allies, now aligning officially with each other.

  3. Yoel, thanks for the article.
    I have noted to a few within our small Messianic congregation the passage of 2nd Thess.2: 1 – 8 or so; particularly verse 6 where “he” should be “what” – that is, what has been keeping the Anti-Torah Man back being, I believe is the Middle East governments of the last thirty years. The people removing them do not want a “Jeffersonian Democracy”. Rather, they wish for a more Koran observant government across Muslim lands. Yes, this begins with Egypt.
    Thank you again for helping us note some facts that simply exist. Ostriches do not “stick their heads in the sand”, but humans do tend too, proverbially speaking.

  4. Steven M. Lukens

    I feel all Jews, Christians, and reasonable people everywhere should proclaim the two states are ISRAEL AND JORDAN! I feel Jordan is the Palestinian ( if there is such a thing), more properly the Arab part of the old Trans Jordan.
    I am against a Palestinian state which will probably be run by alot of terrorists and be a threat to Israel. I think most Arabs are a generation or two away from any meaningful democracy!
    In the meantime, I feel Israel should take as much of the Judea and Samaria as possible with PROPER TITLE TO THE LAND!
    May G-d bless our own HIGH SELF ESTEEM!!!
    Also while we are on the subject, Israel should change the name of the “dung gate” to the “Lion of Judah” gate. Any other negatives should be changed to positives!
    I am also in favor of getting some masons and opening up the Mercy (Eastern) gate to get ready for the Messiah and his 144,000 followers entering into it!!!
    i am also in favor of creating another large fresh water lake in in the northern part of the Dead Sea(maybe name it “The Living Sea”).This can be created by one or two desalinization plants, pumping in water from the Red Sea and then changing it to fresh water. The southern part of the Dead Sea keep salt water to keep alive the flourishing tourist and health/spa industries.
    Lets all Email the Knesset with any good ideas toBENEFIT ISRAEL!!!
    (Not are egos). Lets also pray for more rain in Israel!!!
    Best regards, may G-d BLess!!!,Amen!!!,Amen!!!, Amen!!!
    Steven M. Lukens

  5. I read that Netanyahu said that ,on the planeride over,
    “The US should return to it’s pre-1845 borders with Mexico.THAT would end all of our problems”….;)

  6. faith heitzer

    Regarding Egypt selling natural gas to Israel: I was in Israel during the Hanukkah fires in December. Lost in those headlines was news of the second discovery of “the largest deposit of natural gas” anywhere in the world to date – off the northern coast of Israel. It is undeveloped (and will be challenged by Lebanon at least) but would provide for ALL of Israel’s needs plus allow it to be a commodity for sale in the region. Israel is already gearing up for self-sustaining production from this source. The first field was called the “Tamar” reserve. Related to the size of the new field, it was named “Leviathan”. Just FYI.
    Enjoy your insightful comments on the unpeeling onion of history.
    Our G-d is an awesome G-d! He reigns!

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