Obama Continues Dramatic Shift Towards Palestinian Aspirations

In a continuation of the trajectory supporting Palestinian/Moslem aspirations for statehood at the expense of Israel’s security and some might argue survival, President Obama proclaimed to the world that he expects Israel to return to pre-1967 boundaries. Robert Satloff, writing for the International Jerusalem Post explains,

He is the first  sitting US President to say that the boundaries should be “based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps”. The Obama formulation concretizes a move away from four decades of US policy based on UN Security Council Resolution 242 which has always interpreted calls for an Israeli withdrawal to a secure and recognized border as not synonymous with the pre-1967 borders.

Likud MK, Danny Danon, further explains,

Barack Hussein Obama adopted Yasser Arafat’s staged plan for Israel’s destruction, and he is trying to force it on our Prime Minister…All that was new in the speech was that he called for Israel to return to pre-1967 borders without resolving the crisis. Netanyahu has only one option: “Tell Obama to forget about it.”

Israeli Prime Minister…

Benyamin Netanyahu, quickly responded to Obama’s new position on Israel’s boundaries by saying that  signing such an agreement would leave Israel in an indefensible military position and threaten the survival of the Jewish state.

Netanyahu further asserts,

The Palestinians, and not only the US, must recognize Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people…and expects to hear from President Obama a reconfirmation of commitments to Israel from 2004 that received wide support in both houses of Congress.

The Jerusalem Post also reports that….

… the President Bush letter to PM Ariel Sharon (in 2004) “did not call for a return to the 1967 lines, and that it recognized that any agreement would take into account the changed realities on the ground–a line interpreted by Israel to mean a recognition that it would hold on to the large settlement blocs.

Netanyahu goes on to say,

The Bush commitments deal with Israel not being asked to withdraw to pre-1967 lines, which are not defensible, and which place large population centers in Judea and Samaria outside of these borders.

Netanyahu also asserted that the Bush letter made clear that Palestinian refugees would be absorbed in a future Palestinian State. (Jerusalem Post)

So where is this headed?

As PM Netanyahu flies to the US to meet with President Obama and speak to both houses of Congress, there is no question in my mind that the current US administration is continuing to set a course that will further alienate the US from its close alliance with Israel. Israel has no choice but to reject the President’s  new formulations for peace which can only further strain and isolate Israel from its primary ally, the USA.

I would remind this government of the God’s words from Isaiah 54:14 in which He delivers a clear promise to Israel in the prophetic period called “latter days”. God promises:

If anyone stirs up strife, it is not from me. Whoever stirs up strife with you shall fall because of you…and you shall refute every tongue that rises up in judgment against you. Isaiah 54: 14-15

Continue to pray for both the US and Israel. Specifically that our leaders will forsake the path of antagonism with Israel and continue to be the support we have been for the past 50 years. A word to the wise…

Joel Chernoff


25 responses to “Obama Continues Dramatic Shift Towards Palestinian Aspirations

  1. I am appalled by the arrogance of this man! This is another country and he is trying to set policy. I believe that to harm Israel is to destroy the world, and he is in danger of killing us all.

    The beat goes on in this surrealistic brew ha ha called the Obama Administration. If ever the devil had a henchman it would be this bought and paid for totally unqualified individual to be the puppet to do his dirty work against the annointed (Israel). I see the end of time on the close horizon but I also feel cold twinges up and down my spine for what we must experience. I pray ‘all of the time’ for Israel, there is not a time when I do not. The US will suffer for its betrayal of Israel for a mess of pottage…whatever that translates into. The Lord knows my heart and where it is and where it will stay. If my country plays the harlot with going against the one we were called to support…it breaks my heart knowing full well, that we will have to stand on the edge of time and watch this whole drama play itself out as we occupy the losers position for not doing what we know to do that is right.

  3. Roberta Fitzsimmons

    It is despicable what the president said yesterday about Israel returning to pre 1967 borders! God gave Israel that land and warnings to those who would divide it up. Obama is taking our nation on a dangerous course with awful consequences for our nation. I hope and pray that Israel remains steadfast and does not give into the demands of the president. God is the keeper of Israel who does not sleep or slumber. He is sovereign and in control. I hope our administration wakes up and gets a grip on what a wretched course they are on.

  4. Shalom!

    I am a new Messianic Believer who stands with and loves ADONAI YAHWEH ELOHIM, His land Israel, and His people which includes Jewish and Non-Jewish (Gentiles) that loves and obeys His Word the entire Holy Bible. I watched President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu’s cordial televised meeting. I totally agree with Prime Minister Netanyahu’s comments and responses to President Obama’s statement of Israel returning to the Pre-1967 land borders. Everything has changed since that time of 1967, and a person cannot expect to negotiate on old or former information. Based upon President Obama’s unspoken body gestures, I feel this is the beginning of a separation “divorce” between Israel and USA that USA will regret in the end. Many people have forgotten the Word of ADONAI concerning the promises He made about Israel, and this forgetfulness is due to many religious men and women not teaching the Bible truths to his or her congregation. Dear Heavenly Abba Father, in the name of your Son Yeshua by the Holy Spirit, I ask Your hand will come and intervene in this relationship between Israel and USA to become united for the genuine peace and safety and security for all parties involved, and ADONAI I ask that you will receive the glory, honor, and praise as Your will become known to all individuals upon the earth, Amen.
    Psalm 59:16 CJB -But as for me, I will sing of your strength; in the morning I will sing aloud of your grace. For you are my fortress, a refuge when I am in trouble. 17 My Strength, I will sing praises to you, for God is my fortress, God, who gives me grace.
    Acts 13:26 CJB -“Brothers! – sons of Avraham and those among you who are ‘God-fearers’! It is to us that the message of this deliverance has been sent!

  5. Obama does NOT speak for most Americans. He is a road bump on our political road to a better future. There are only a long 2 years till he is replaced.
    I would be proud to go to Israel if they would allow this 55 year old to help.

    • joelmchernoff

      From your mouth to God’s ears!

    • Patrick if you are serious about helping Israel contact either the MJAA itself or Volunteers For Israel. VFI is not Messianic, but it is a large, successful organization that accepts anyone who has a heart for Israel. However, they are very strict about NO proselytizing!

  6. Mary Beth Cassell

    Joel, I have been so aggravated toward Obama and his disdain for Israel and his nonchalant attitude toward Israel’s defense, it is reprehensible and dangerous. Obama is poking his finger in the eye of God. The last verse of Isaiah 54 is verse 17, which says, “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper: and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.”

  7. Joel,
    Maybe now the Jewish people will realize that the democrates are not looking out for the Jewish people. President Obama has continued to show his true colors. He professes to be a Christian, but I question that. He was taught at an early age the Muslim ways and I don’t believe he has left them. As a Christian he would recognize the importance of standing with Israel. Maybe the Jewish people will remember this in November 2012. I support Israel and know of no other country who has been asked to return the spoils of war. Palastines do not want peace, they want to eliminate the Jews. But we as Christians know that will never happen. Those that curse Israel will be cursed. Remember that Mr. Obama.

  8. Joel:

    I agree. It says it Joel 3:2:

    “I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. There I will enter into judgment against them concerning my inheritance, my people Israel, for they scattered my people among the nations and divided up my land.”

    This Presidential administration may very well go forth with the plan for the pre-1967 borders and the division of Jerusalem in spite of American voter protest. At this juncture, we as American believers in Messiah Yeshua must encourage, support, and pray for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stand firm against this untenable “Land for Peace” proposal.

    Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain of Great Britain in 1938 tried to appease Adolf Hitler and there was a land for peace proposal called the Munich Agreement. In exchange for “peace”, Nazi Germany was given the Sudetenland and Czechoslovakia. Was there a lasting peace? No, Hitler wanted more and more and more. And thus Nazi Germany plunged the world into war officially on September 1, 1939, when Germany invaded Poland. And, Nazi Germany continued on the road to the “Final Solution” which cost 6,000,000 Jewish lives.

    President Obama is at least another Neville Chamberlain. He thinks he can divide what is currently Israel for a Palestinian state in exchange for peace. But Hamas and Fatah will never recognize the State of Israel and have vowed to destroy both the nation and its Jewish constituent. They do not want a two-state solution, Israel and Palestine. They want a one state solution, Palestine with no Israel and no Jewish people. The don’t want just east Jerusalem, they want all of Jerusalem.

    As Moses stated in Exodus 32:26, “Whoever is for ADONAI, come to me!”
    As much as Messianic believers cherish the USA and its freedoms, we must answer this call. And remember, Israel is in God’s hands for restoration. But the USA may very well be in God’s hands for judgment.

  9. Folks,
    Be that we as a Nation continue to hold to the view of dividing up Isra’el, Yah’s(God) land, we will face a very hard Judgment. No one has the right to divide the Land it belongs to Yah(God) not to any man. He has given it to the Seed of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, to care for and to hold for Him. Our days as a people and a Nation are numbered. I was told 30 years ago The Judgment was coming and now I am beginning to see the end of the Warnings which have been sweeping the Nation(an unrepented Nation). After the warning come the nightmare.

  10. It’s actually nauseating what this US president is trying to do to Israel. And just to think that the great majority of Jews in the US voted for him. And, according to some polls, will vote for him again and again. Our Jewish people need to go back to prayer and stop the Sodom and Gomorrah they have become.

  11. Valerie Schiffner Prelle

    Dear Joel,
    I was so angry at the President yesterday about all he had to say about the 67 the borders and the fact that Israel would be on their own in defending themselves! But today, I am so proud of PM Netanyahu and how he very diplomaticly stood firm on his response of not budging the borders.
    I believe in my Jesus and I believe that God has Israel! I also take a stand for Israel! My heart and compassion is overflowing! One day I want to help and comfort the them. I want to go to Israel and comfort the children in the bomb shelters. This all shouldn’t be but it is written that time is coming soon. So I will do what ever I can to help where ever I can!

  12. President Obama’s ‘real’ intentions are finally being realized!!

    The Word of God makes it point blank and clear that ‘He’ gave Israel it’s land and ‘He’ WILL FIGHT FOR HER AND SHE WILL NOT BE UPROOTED IN ANYWAY!!

    We are told to Pray for the peace of Jerusalem- this will only be answered by the Messiah coming back again, only then will there be true peace for them and all the world

    Those who say that today’s Israel does not have prophetic significance or is a legitimate right to the land stand in opposition to God and to His Word. Indeed, they are denying and in opposition to what the prophets have foretold in Gods Word.

    God has declared that the land of Israel was His land, it is never to be sold (Lev. 25:23) and that all nations would be punished for dividing His land (Joel 3:2).
    Joel 3:2 I will enter into judgment with them there on account of My people, My heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations; they have also divided up My land.” Notice he will punish them for keeping them from returning to their homeland.

    Israel as a nation has a right to exist independently, the land was given to her by God, and any decisions, both good or bad are inconsequential to the promises in God’s covenants. Gen.12 is specific and still in place. As far as Israel being God’s chosen- you either accept the Bible and God’s unchanging covenant that is still in effect or you are against it. If you do not accept it you have become an enemy of God for God is for his people Israel.

    Psalm 129:5: “Let all those who hate Zion be put to shame and turned back.”

    The world will be punished for their unbelief in God, and I dare say so will those in the church who take a stand against Israel’s right to her land and the promises God has written for her. Despite whatever wrongs she does today she has a a right to the land because of the Lord’s promises.

    When President George W. Bush turned his back on Israel and ordered the Jewish settlers to leave their homes a few years ago, the United States suffered the judgement of God by His sending the ‘perfect’ Storm ‘Katrina’ that appeared seemingly ” out of no where! ” , weather forecasters shouted on t.v. and radio!
    Psalms:83:15: So persecute them with thy tempest, and make them afraid with thy storm.

    My family and I are praying for God’s protection[Psalm 34:7, 91:1] , on His children in the U.S. because of Obama’s ‘turn coat’ action toward our ‘true’ ally Israel!!

    We are truly living in the ‘end’ of the ‘End times’ see[ Joel 2:28,Acts 2:17, Hebrews 1:1,2, Luke 21:28] generation [age] preceding the imminent and soon return of Our Blessed Lord, Savior and King, Jesus Christ!! Amen!!

    The fulfillment of Ezekiel the 38th. chapter must be very close at hand!!

    Shalom and God Bless,
    Brother Joe <

  13. The land of Israel was promised by God to a people, and no power under Heaven has a right to negate that promise. By calling for Israel to withdraw to the 1967 borders, the Administration is calling on Israel to renounce land given to her by the King of all nations. Since the foundation of Israel, her neighbors have been waging war and conspiring to wage war against Israel, relentlessly and incessantly. The only peace they believe in is that which would chase the Jewish people into the sea. And now the government of the USA has come out on the same side as those who desire evil for Israel. I will continue to stand with many gentile believers in Yeshua, who also believe God is accomplishing a great end times gathering of the Jewish people into the Promised Land, preparing the way for Messiah’s return. We have a choice to either cooperate with God’s plan for the restoration of Israel or to oppose it. In an utterly contemptible act of folly, the Administration has embraced the latter. How much longer can this persist before judgment is pronounced from the throne room of Heaven?

  14. The US can talk to Israel about giving back the “west bank” when it hands the American southwest over to the Mexican drug cartels. Even then, it won’t be the same. They are less interested in destroying us than just getting filthy rich (illegally!) at our expense.

  15. My dear brothers and sisters. LET NOT YOUR HEARTS BE TROUBLED. Let us watch our tongues and pray for this man Obama. He has no idea what is is into , I dont even think he knows he is being manipulated by the evil one, remember nothing takes the HOLY ONE by surprise. This will all come to the point when we will experience the GLORY of our ABBA when he fights for ISRAEL. So let us pray vehemently for President Netenyahu, he is called to lead Israel at this time, let us continue to pray for the peace of Yerushalym,lets pray for salvation to come to the unbelievers in Israel. Let us remember what is written in the Torah. Obama is NOT supreme and he will end up with rest such as Pharoah , Haman, Hilter and soon to be joined by Ameenajab {my spelling}. Let us pray for America that they may turn to the G-d of Abraham , Isaac and Jacob, reject their waywardness and follow HIS ways. We cannot lose if we do these things , remember Obama cannot breathe unless the HOLY ONE permits it. I love you all and I am in the upper room with you.

  16. Let’s stop the charade of using the term, “the ’67 pre-war borders”, and call it what it really is–a return to the 1949 borders, which were actually just cease fire borders to end the 1948 war. They were never intended to be permanent borders. The 1949 cease fire borders and the 1967 pre-war borders are one and the same. Those borders had barbed wire dividing Jerusalem. Is this what President Obama is suggesting? Because when he says a return to the pre-war borders, that also means a divided Jerusalem.

  17. Dmitry Isakovsky

    May HaShem continue to bless and protect His people, Israel! May the arrogance of the prideful be abased and may the enemies of G-d’s children be put to shame!
    Barack Hussein is but a pawn in the hands of more powerful forces. I pray for his heart and eyes to be opened to see the fleshly course of his administration and for the miracle of repentance and turning into the path of truth!
    G-d bless Israel!

  18. Isreal will thrieve and prosper. No weapon formed against Isreal shall prosper. I strongly believe that Obama is for Muslims and not for Christians and Jews. Obama will bring a curse on himself, family and America. We must never stop praying.

  19. Obama is always the most shallow and most arrogant person in the room. He must be removed in 2012 to stop the USA from supporting Muslims in their quest to annihilate Israel.

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