President Obama’s Disturbing New Assertion at AIPAC

On May 22, 2011, President Obama followed up his controversial May 19 speech on the Middle East and Palestinian/Israel conflict with an address to the American Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC).  Some political pundits assert that he backed down from previous assertions concerning Israel’s boundaries made in his May 19 speech on the Middle East. Though charming and  conciliatory in tone when speaking to the 10,000 pro-Israel AIPAC delegates, as I read his speech I cannot agree with those pundits. As far as I can see, he did not back down or change his central assertions that Israel must fully withdraw its military from Judea and Samaria and that Israel must agree to establishing its new borders along pre-1967 borders.

He states:

…no matter how hard it may be to start meaningful negotiations under the current circumstances, we must acknowledge that a failure to try is not an option. The status quo is unsustainable. That is why on Thursday, I stated publicly the principles that the United States believes can provide a foundation for negotiations toward an agreement to end the conflict …

That doesn’t sound like backing down to me. That sounds like a defense or justification for those assertions.

Obama’s Justifications Restated

He also restated three reasons/justifications (and added a fourth and very disturbing new justification) for his controversial  initiative and push for indefensible pre-1967 borders as a pre-condition for peace. He continues:

First, the number of Palestinians living west of the Jordan River is growing rapidly and fundamentally reshaping the demographic realities of both Israel and the Palestinian territories. This will make it harder and harder-without peace-to maintain Israel as both a Jewish state and a democratic state. Second, technology will make it harder for Israel to defend itself in the absence of a genuine peace. And third, a new generation of Arabs is reshaping the region. A just and lasting peace can no longer be forged with one or two Arab leaders. Going forward, millions of Arab citizens have to see that peace is possible for that peace to be sustained. 

However, it is his fourth and disturbing new  justification that really caught my attention.

In his words:

Just as the context has changed in the Middle East, so too has it been changing in the international community over the last several years. There is a reason why the Palestinians are pursuing their interests at the United Nations. They recognize that there is impatience with the peace process — or the absence of one. Not just in the Arab World, but in Latin America, in Europe, and in Asia. That impatience is growing, and is already manifesting itself in capitols around the world. …But the march to isolate Israel internationally — and the impulse of the Palestinians to abandon negotiations — will continue to gain momentum in the absence of a credible peace process and alternative. For us to have leverage with the Palestinians, with the Arab states, and with the international community, the basis for negotiations has to hold out the prospect of success. 

Translation: In other words, though the US is trying hard to stand with you, Israel, you now have to satisfy and negotiate with not only the Palestinians and bordering Arab states but also an alienated and pro-Palestinian “international community”. Israel — can’t you see? The whole world is against you. The Palestinians are unilaterally angling to obtain official statehood status at the UN. They will get it. That would be a disaster for you. I’m just trying to head off that catastrophe. Your only chance is to follow my strategy whether you like it or not.  Help me help you!

I believe the President is also inferring that he can’t hold off Arab and international aspirations forever. Though he professes his support of Israel his support was very uncertain in the Gaza Flotilla incident last May. Only at the last second did he veto an extremely anti-Israel resolution by the UN Security Council.

All of this to say that President Obama’s intentions towards Israel , at the very least,  remain very uncertain and unclear.


Watch very closely what a leader does–not what he says–to know his true intentions.  

God’s promise to Israel in the latter days:

If anyone stirs up strife, it is not from me; whoever stirs up strife with you shall fall because of you. (Isaiah 54: 14)

Joel Chernoff


16 responses to “President Obama’s Disturbing New Assertion at AIPAC

  1. B’H for the insight given to you by the Ruach HaKodesh…. I couldn’t agree with you more and I will be sharing this …. Todah!

  2. Obama is no friend of Israel. I can only pray that all the big money people in positions of power, realize how dangerous this man is. I hope and pray that the Jewish members of the entertainment community put their money somewhere else this next election. I really believe that they voted for him because it was such a ‘cool’ thing to do. He should have never been elected.

  3. Exactly! Watch the walk; not the talk!

  4. Thank you for sharing those insights with us. I will be in prayer.

  5. I do not believe Obama to be a friend of Israel. Nor do I believe him to be a friend of Christianity. My thoughts have gone as far as to believe that he is not a friend of a Constitution based democratic America. I base my views on his actions. His actions while in office as well as his relative silence on the aggression that Israel and Christians world wide endure are just a couple of examples. He is a change agent. For whom or what is a good question. If I did not have my Christian faith, I would be shaking in my shoes. God is in control though. I agree with what you said, actions speak louder than words. I fail to understand how so many can be willingly manipulated so as to continue blindly believing his words without careful scrutiny. I understand that hard times are ahead for the world. We can pray for what we want to see happen. However, in the end it is the will of God that we ultimately desire and pray for. Jesus’ example of that predisposition is clear in his prayer at Gethsemane (Matt. 26:36-46). I believe spiritual warfare has significantly increased and become more open at the government/political level. The personal level is not spared either though. Read the posts to news articles on Yahoo. sometime The amount of hate and vitriol is disturbing. I don’t know what lay ahead, but my human side is fearful and concerned. I appreciate fellow Christians who are willing to discuss these matters. We need to support and pray for each other. Persecution is flourishing in the world today. Examples of it are all over the hands of the Muslims in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. We in America are not exempt from that type of attack and may be facing it sooner than we think.

  6. It must be remembered always that Obama is a Muslim in his heart. He wants so badly to liberate Palestine for the Arabs, but he doesn’t have sufficient support in the US to do that. If he wins reelection he will become much bolder. So he tries to intimidate Israel into doing the unthinkable. There is no human solution to this. The best we can hope for is a continuation of Israel’s stability and diplomacy in the face of many atrosities. But, it seems to me that the US and Europe will eventually tell the Israelis that they are on their own. When that happens war is inevitable and the world will get to know the God of Israel a little better.

  7. Sorry, no moderation.

  8. Helen Hickland

    You are “right on”, Joel!!! However, many at AIPAC accept his May 22 remarks, based on the ovation. From various websites: some quote Jewish large donors as non-supporters next year, others by non-vote; others assert both will (because “most Jews are liberal and Democrat”). I suspect he’ll seem conciliatory until after the election. I pray that G-d will reveal Himself, and of course expose POTUS and all unholy aspirations towards Israel and the Jews. Kuma Adonai! Scatter your enemies!!

  9. Isn’t it interesting how this whole shift took place right before the whole May 21 hoopla and it is soooo incredibly significant, and at the same time all of this misery is going on around us in our country? I didn’t follow what that date setting guy was saying, and I never even knew about it all until the media started making a fuss. I just pay attention to what happens whenever we get to pushing on Israel. It’s usually within 48 hours that we experience the major disasters…in line with what Koenig says, but once again I saw the same stuff before I even knew what he was saying. Point is, this whole coincidence, in the true sense of “co-incidence,” seems heavy to me on my heart right now.
    The night of 5/21, after the news anchor did his smug jokes about still being here and it wasn’t the end of the world, the first news story was about people having to decide whether to buy gas or food. I was reminded of the line in the Revelation about famine. I said to my husband, “Hmm..what is that scripture?” I opened my Bible to the book and my right hand landed on it: (Rev. 6:5, NIV) “…I looked and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures saying, a quart of wheat for a day’s wages, and three quarts of barley for a day’s wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine.”
    I believe we were supposed to be seeing something during that whole episode. As believers, I believe we should not be joking around about ANY of these end-times predictions. We should be somberly aware and weeping in prayer for the many people around us who were so gleefully joking that they “weren’t going anywhere” if there were going to be a rapture. How many believers even joined in the joking? How many of us will be caught off-guard when we find ourselves tested and not just waiting to be raptured.
    I am so reminded of the days of Noach…and it is no joking matter. Just like the church cannot see the revival they are seeking is right under their noses in the messianic movement, it also sometimes cannot see the rehearsal it is getting for when He actually does return, and just how unready it is for the real show.
    We all need to get to our posts and sound the alarms.

  10. Oh…and I meant all of that to connect directly to what Obama did the other day. This was all very significant …a prophetic shift…a beginning of troubles.

    Obama’s going to cut himself to pieces…either that of he is destined to be one of the significant players in the end-times scenario.

  11. Thanks for the post; very interesting. As a side note, AIPAC stands for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee; not Political Action Committee — They are NOT a PAC. As a Jewish Believer, involved with AIPAC, I do not appreciate the assumption that is was a PAC. (See

    Furthermore, I would suggest and invite you to come to the Policy Conference, so you can hear first hand things like this speech from the president and to be in the room. (sign up at

    I would appreciate if you updated your post and possibly made a correction in your next email.


  12. Roberta Fitzsimmons

    Thanks for the clarification and insights. There is so much double talk going on. I also agree watch the walk, NOT the talk.

  13. As I read the content of the original speech, I was brought to tears, even though recognizing that G-D is in control.
    I simply don’t see any evidence of backing down from the original comments, either.
    Israel, put your trust in Yeshua; there are many, many believers praying for the peace of Jerusalem.

  14. Dmitry Isakovsky

    The Fear of Jacob will defend His people, putting to shame all their enemies!
    Barack Hussein is just mouthing somebody else’s thoughts on the matter, – being a puppet in the hands of Israel haters. Folks who write his speeches are much more in control than a poor, weak Barack, – a president in name only.
    Unfortunately, anyone occupying the Oval Office becomes just a rag doll at the mercy of entities such as the Vatican, UN and others. As presidents they get their time in the public limelight, all the while eating a humble pie of a marionnette fulfilling the wishes of their scheeming masters. So, cut some slack to poor Hussein, – he’s stuck with playing a pathetic role of yet another slave.
    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the soon coming of our Messiah! HaShem be praised forever!

  15. brother walt gee

    hello, I am a Yeshuan gentile.— I think?

    Bamah [ YECHEZK’L 20:29 KJV; Abama LXX ] is a product with serious life threatening side effects. I have been trying to warn people that he will probably be re-elected. Then he will quickly open all of those silly non-existent places called FEMA camps that are all over the country..

    It will be extremely interesting for us to be witnessing in those camps to the once uber rich liberals who thought they had everything under control —\ Lloyd Blankfein?

    HaShem does have a sense of humor!

    Of course, those ultra liberal democrats will be quite illiterate and absolutely certain that there has been some terrible mistake. Oh! And all of the cute little churchian social club members will be right there wondering what this is all about, also.

    Think about this: Are you ready to bring in the harvest when prophecy is fulfilled?

    YESHA’YAHU 18:1 Woe to the land of whirring wings [helicopters, space shuttles, and airplanes] beyond the rivers of Ethiopia; [There are no rivers west, east, or south of Ethiopia! Only the Nile is north of them!]
    2 they send ambassadors by sea, [curious reference to our Navy?]
    across the waters in reed boats! [unstoppable very fast anti-ship missiles flying at wave top height toward very vulnerable super-sized warships?]
    Go, swift messengers, to a nation tall and bronzed (smooth of face), [a land of tall folks compared to most other peoples, who seem to fall into the category of suntanned and smooth shaven.] to a people feared far and near, [any ideas who?] to a strong and conquering nation whose land is divided by rivers! [That is a world super power criss-crossed by myriads of rivers, a well watered country.]
    3 ALL [Emphasis added.] you inhabitants of the world, you who who live on the earth: when a banner is hoisted on the mountains, look!
    When the Shofar is blown, listen!
    4 For Adonai has said this to me:
    “I will look on from my place and do nothing, like heat shimmering in the sun [Remember Lawrence crossing the Nafud?], like a cloud of dew in the heat of harvest.” [Messes the fruit up with diseases, mold, etc.]
    5 For BEFORE [Emphasis added.] the harvest, [our gathering together.] when the flowering is over, [the prettiness falls away.] and the bud becomes a ripening (sour) grape, He will cut off the branches with pruning-knives, lop off the twigs, [empty Churchianity and Synogogism as discussed by Yeshua.] and take them away. [To be burned!]
    6 They will all be left to the vultures [roadkill] who will feed on them in summer, and the wild beasts of the field in winter. [No safety for anyone.]
    7 At that time tribute will be brought to Adonai-Tzva’ot from a nation tall and bronzed, from a people feared far and near, from a strong and conquering nation whose land is divided by rivers, to the place where the name of Adonai-Tzva’ot lives, Mount Tziyon.
    {See also Yo’el 2, and Z’kharyah 9.}

    Z’KHARYAH 12:3 When that day comes, I will make Yerushalayim a heavy stone for ALL [Emphasis added.] the peoples. ALL [Emphasis added.] who try to lift it will hurt themselves (severely), and ALL the earth’s nations will be massed against her [emphasis added ]..

    Sweet talking rich preachers, priests and rabbis will obviously have a wonderful time explaining away the truth with “THE LiE!” [2 Thessalonians 2:9-13]

    It is indeed ironic, that we are headed into the winds of God’s fury just as the Twelve Tribes of Ya’akov did in 722 & 586 BCE!

  16. This is a spiritual, supernatural battle that we are going to win. And we are on it like a duck on a june bug. We can take our Father at His word! Can’t wait.

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