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Osama Bin Laden’s Assassination and Middle East Peace



Will Osama Bin Laden’s (OBL) much celebrated death at the hands of American military special forces move the world closer to peace in the Middle East?

The answer is no.

While it is particularly gratifying to see OBL meet his just reward on this planet and to know that an American face was the last face he saw before leaving this earth, it was a temporary distraction and sideshow from the center stage of Arab political upheaval.

In particular, continue to keep your eyes on Egypt… 

Besides being the largest of the Arab Moslem countries, Egypt has maintained the longest peace with Israel of any Arab state. Since the recent overthrow of Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak and his government, we are seeing a gradual but clear tilt towards a radical Moslem takeover. The forces for democracy in Egypt, that were so prominent during the revolution, are much less organized than the radical Moslem  constituencies. Specifically, the Muslim Brotherhood is now the most powerful and organized political party in Egypt and will be a force to be reckoned with in the soon coming elections in Egypt.

My Prediction…

The radical Moslem cleric run political parties, the largest of which is the Muslim Brotherhood, will first takeover the democratic process that is desperately trying to maintain and nurture a foothold in the current  Egyptian political landscape. After rising to power, those radical elements will undermine the democracy (as Hitler did in Germany) and declare Egypt to be a theocracy (like Iran) and operate under “sharia law” i.e. the law of the Koran.

More Bad News for Israel

 In addition to the radicalizing of the political process in Egypt, I have noted from various  news sources over the last several weeks, other clear  indicators that the Egyptian populace and political process  is increasingly anti-Israel.

Here are some of them:

  • Many voices in Egypt are calling for Egypt to end selling natural gas to Israel. This call has manifested in two bomb attacks on the pipeline between Israel and Egypt which succeeded in temporarily halting the flow of gas to Israel.
  • Egypt recently opened the border between itself and Gaza infuriating Israel. This opening permits weaponry to be much more easily  moved into the hostile hands of the Hamas terrorist government.


    These weapons will be used against Israel and Israel knows this.

  • Many Egyptian citizens and politicos are calling for an end to the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. Those voices are gaining a larger and larger following amongst the general population.
  • And lastly, Egypt has been central in helping Hamas and the Palestinian Authority to negotiate a political truce thus unifying the Palestinian Arabs against Israel. This despite the fact that Israel has stated very clearly that it will not accept this “unity” government and will not negotiate any peace with a government that includes the radical Hamas party unless it accepts the right of Israel to exist. Hamas has no interest in recognizing Israel.
So Where is This Leading?
Egypt is a boiling pot that is threatening to explode. Israel sees the anti-Israel direction the Egyptian revolution is taking and is feeling increasingly threatened and vulnerable on its southern border. It is just a matter of time until war breaks out as Israel feels it must move pre-emptively to protect itself from a crippling and potentially lethal first strike from its enemies.
All of this is prophesied in the book of Isaiah and elsewhere. We could be watching the precipitating events that cause and lead up to the Final Arab Israeli War.
More on this later.
For the restoration of Israel,
Joel Chernoff

Part III: Why Does Osama Bin Laden Hate Barack Hussein Obama

“Sowing Seeds of Hatred” ~ Osama Bin Laden

Osama Bin LadenThese are the words of Osama Bin Laden and these words embody the accusation Osama Bin Laden makes against President Obama. But why?

  • Shouldn’t Bin Ladenbe happy that Obama seems to be coming down hard on Israel howbeit with tough love?
  • Shouldn’t he be happy that Obama is speaking in a conciliatory fashion towards Islam from a major Moslem Arab capital?
  • Shouldn’t he be happy that this President has a Moslem father and that his sympathies possibly lean towards the Moslem side of issues?
  • Shouldn’t he be happy that Obama attended a Moslem school in Indonesia for a few years thus potentially indoctrinating him to Islam?
  • Shouldn’t he be happy that Obama has promised to pull US troops out of Iraq by next summer?

There should be a lot of things that Bin Laden could be happy about so why instead does he hate President Obama and accuse him of sowing seeds of hatred?

The answer is found in President Obama’s recent courtship of Saudi Arabia and Egypt and the contents of his speech.

President Obama’s Strategy Against Radical Islam

Bin Laden’s strategy for Islamic domination is to use every violent means available to defeat the Judeo-Christian west which is led by the US and impose a radical fundamentalist Moslem order on the world as a whole. Bin Laden believes that if he can destroy the Little Satan (Israel) and defeat or subjugate the Great Satan (USA) the rest of the world will fall in rapid order.

He feels that this radical Moslem agenda is threatened by what he perceives to be President Obama’s strategy which is as follows:

  • Force Israel (with tough love) to make peace with the Arabs by creating a Palestinian state next to Israel thus defusing and/or eliminating tensions in the region and nullifying the main unifying issue within the Moslem/Arab world (or so Obama thinks).
  • Create a moderate Moslem front composed of moderate Moslem/Arab countries against Bin Laden and his cronies thus making it increasingly hard for the terrorists to operate.
  • Bin Laden can see Obama employing the same strategy against Iran’s leadership which has the same vision for a Moslem worldwide empire.

Bin Laden has also noticed the unprecedented visits this President has made to Saudi Arabia and Egypt seeking to make this Moslem front against him a reality.

In short, Bin Laden perceives that Obama’s strategy is…divide and conquer!

This is why Osama hates Obama!

Bin Laden obviously believes that Obama has a chance of being successful thus feeling threatened.

Pressure on Israel

Now you can see why Obama is exerting so much pressure on Israel. If he cannot resolve the Palestinian/Israeli conflict then his chances of isolating Bin Laden and the radical Moslem terrorists are greatly diminished.

Fortunately, I believe that Obama will be unsuccessful in resolving the Palestinian state and bringing peace to their Middle East because his agenda requires a division of Israel proper and Jerusalem as the capital of both states.

Every President who has sought to accomplish this, starting with Dwight D. Eisenhower, has failed miserably despite the circumstances on the ground looking favorable.

God’s prophetic agenda is the spiritual and physical restoration of Israel. Anything working against that prophetic agenda will fail.

Stay tuned for Part IV of this series: President Obama’s stunning turnaround on Iran and its nuclear weapons.

Joel Chernoff

~The views contained in The Joel Chernoff Report are not necessarily views held by the MJAA~

Deliverance Has Its Own Timing: Lesson #2, Part 2

Lesson: Sometimes deliverance will to be delayed for reasons that have nothing to do with you directly.  Unbeknownst to you, God might be completing His agenda elsewhere so that He can answer your prayer today. What feels like a delay is actually God’s perfect timing.

Example: The Canaanites

When God called Abraham to move from Mesopotamia to the land of Canaan (modern day Israel) He promised to give Abraham and His seed after him Canaan as an inheritance. Thus the genesis of the phrase “promised land”.

Canaan & Mesopotamia

Canaan & Mesopotamia

So Abraham moved his family to Canaan in obedience to God. In the book of Genesis chapter 15 God gives him a vision. In the vision God reveals/prophesies to Abraham the following: (Genesis 15: 13, 14 and 16)

And God said to Abram, “Know for certain that your descendants will be strangers in a land that is not theirs, where they will be enslaved and oppressed four hundred years. But I will also judge the nation whom they will serve and afterward they will come out with many possessions…Then in the fourth generation they shall return here for the sin of the Amorite/Canaanite is not yet complete. “(NAS)

Remember…this prophecy was given over 100 years before Abraham’s son Jacob took his family to Egypt to avoid famine in Canaan.

But why 400 years? Why so long?

There are two very good reasons:

Modern Day Israel

Modern Day Israel

1. Though God had promised the land of Canaan to Abraham’s seed (Israel), Abraham’s family was not large enough to possess the land. It took 400 years for the people of Israel to grow to over 2 million people and thus be ready to possess the land God had promised them.

 2. God is fair, just and, fortunately for us, full of mercy. God gave the Canaanites 400 more years to repent of their sins and get right with Him. Only after the 400 years could Israel possess Canaan. In fact Israel was God’s hand of judgment for the Canaanites as later Babylon was God’s hand of judgment for Israel.


…we can see in hindsight how God was working over a long period of time to fulfill His promises to Israel and deliver them from the hands of their oppressors.

Even as I write this blog I am myself convicted to cultivate more patience when I pray. I need to learn over and over to trust God and believe that he will keep His promises in His perfect timing.

Chag Pesach (Happy Passover),

Joel Chernoff

~The views contained in The Joel Chernoff Report are not necessarily views held by the MJAA~

Deliverance Has It’s Own Timing: Lesson #2, Part 1

Part 1:

We all have needs and pray to God for Him to deliver us from various crisis like a bad job, sickness, financial difficulty etc. Israel’s great supernatural Passover deliverance from enslavement and oppression in Egypt taught me something very valuable.

Lesson: My deliverance or answer to prayer, in some cases, may be much more complicated than I originally thought and may involve a series of behind the scenes maneuvers by God in order for that deliverance to arrive on my doorstep. Therefore…keep praying and try to be patient!

Israel’s Passover deliverance from Egyptian oppression is a great example.

Israel’s deliverance involved not just them but also Egypt with all of its political and economic complexities as well as the people and land of Canaan (the Promised Land) which was where Israel was going once they left Egypt. 

Traditional Route of the Exodus

Traditional Route of the Exodus

 Check this out… 

At first they were treated with great favor because of Jacob’s son Joseph who helped the Pharaoh of his time to deliver the whole nation from famine and disaster. Subsequent Pharaohs, however, failed to appreciate this and gradually the Jewish people were looked upon as a vast non-Egyptian populace to be exploited for economic gain. The Jewish people became the slaves (forced workers) that drove the economy of Egypt. This is similar in many ways to the experience of African slavery in US history.

Mighty Egypt Humbled! 

The Great Pyramids of Egypt

The Great Pyramids of Egypt

By the time Moses approached Pharaoh with the demand to let Israel go, Egypt had become the most powerful empire on the planet. The Egyptians also had an elaborate system of idol worship complete with a pantheon of false gods. In order for the Jewish people to be delivered from Egyptian oppression God would first have to humble and yes humiliate mighty Egypt and in particular their proud King–Pharaoh. This He did through a series of plagues that increasingly exacted such a toll on Pharaoh and his country that he eventually was compelled to let Israel leave Egypt.

The cost benefit to holding on to this vast economic labor pool of 2 million plus people called the nation of Israel was just too high.

Passover Lesson Revisited

I’m really preaching to myself when I reiterate that our much sought after and prayed for deliverance may involve God moving some big things around in our lives and the lives of others that we are almost certainly not aware of.

Although deliverance can seem to be instantaneous, in most cases it involves a preparation process just as God prepared Pharaoh to let Israel go.

Tomorrow I’ll share more about this as we explore the people and land of Canaan and how Israel’s deliverance could not have happened before it actually did.

Joel Chernoff

~The views contained in The Joel Chernoff Report are not necessarily views held by the MJAA~

Prophetic Lessons From Passover: Lesson #1

Photo by Travis Spradling

Passover Symbolic Foods

Shalom and Happy Passover,

There are many wonderful and practical lessons to be learned from the Biblical feast of Passover. The Passover is one of the three national feasts of Israel that were commanded by God that Israel as a nation commemorate annually, and they are; Passover, Shavuot (the feast of weeks also know in the Christian world as Pentecost) and Succot (the feast of tabernacles). Each of these feasts also have a powerful prophetic Messianic fulfillment.

Over the next seven days of Passover I will share with you some of the lessons and insights about Passover that I feel might be helpful to you.

Lesson #1:

The Passover, which was the national commemoration of God’s great and supernatural deliverance of Israel from Egypt (Exodus 7-13), foreshadowed the Messiah’s first coming, His death and resurrection.

In traditional rabbinic writings…

…what Messianic Jews would refer to as the Messiah’s first coming and suffering for the sin of man is called the Messiah Ben Joseph or the Suffering Messiah. Rabbis throughout the centuries refer to what we believe is the Messiah’s second coming to reign as ruler of the world and king of the Jews as the Messiah Ben David, i.e. the Messiah Son of David. Despite the fact that most modern rabbis in traditional Judaism would deny or avoid admitting that the rabbis recognized two distinct messianic advents…it is a fact of history and can be easily established from rabbinic writings.

Prophetic Foreshadow

Moses & Pharaoh

Pharaoh & Moses

What makes the Passover a prophetic foreshadow of the Messiah Yeshua’s coming and sacrifice for sins is contained in the account of the final plague God sent on Egypt. Because Pharaoh hardened his heart and would not let Israel leave Egypt as God called for, God visited the plague of death to all of

The Blood of the Lamb

The Blood of the Lamb

 the firstborn of both animal and man in Egypt. In order for Israel to avoid the angel of death’s visit to their households God told the Israelites to sacrifice and eat a lamb. More importantly He commanded them to take some of the lamb’s blood and put it on the doorpost of each household. As the angel of death passed over their houses and noted the blood on their lintels they would be spared…and they were.

Messianic Fulfillment

In the same way, we avoid the eternal death for our sins that we richly deserve when God sees the blood of the Suffering Messiah, Yeshua, on the doorposts of our hearts. This is exactly what happens when each of us obeys God and accepts what God so sacrificially provided through His Son the Messiah’s death and eternal atonement. God’s eternal judgment is averted and for those who have accepted His atonement the debt of their sins is covered for eternity.

Mercy was extended to all of those households under the blood of the sacrificed lamb of old and mercy is extended to all of those who dwell under the eternal blood of the Messiah Ben Joseph, Yeshua (Jesus).

Joel Chernoff

~The views contained in The Joel Chernoff Report are not necessarily views held by the MJAA~